What does the Mishima Zaibatsu do?

What does the Mishima Zaibatsu do?

The Mishima Zaibatsu is the main sponsor of the King of Iron Fist tournaments, the central events of the Tekken video games. In addition to the prize money, ownership of the entire Mishima Zaibatsu is often offered as a prize to the winner of the tournament.

What happened Tekken Zaibatsu?

Tekken Zaibatsu, one of the largest hubs for Tekken shuts down a month after the closing announcement, leaving hope for preservation. In the past, social media was a lot simpler. From the late 90s to the late 00s, message boards were a prevalent way to engage with others who shared similar interests in gaming.

Who is the CEO of Mishima Zaibatsu?

Mishima Zaibatsu or Tekken Zaibatsu (name changed after Jinpachi Mishima lost the Zaibatsu to his son), it was owned originally by Jinpachi, but the Zaibatsu was taken over by Heihachi, who has run the company for over 40 years, except for two brief interims.

Who owns G Corp Tekken?

Kazuya Mishima

Kazuya Mishima
Occupation Head of Mishima Financial Empire (Tekken 2) Head of G Corporation (since Tekken 6)
Fighting style Mishima-ryu Karate
Children Jin Kazama
Origin Japan

Is Heihachi Kazuya father?

Heihachi is the son of Jinpachi Mishima, the husband of Kazumi Mishima, the father of Kazuya Mishima and Lars Alexandersson, the adoptive father of Lee Chaolan, and the paternal grandfather of Jin Kazama.

Who develops Street Fighter?

Street Fighter
Developer(s) Capcom, Dimps (main series) Arika (Street Fighter EX series)
Publisher(s) Capcom
Creator(s) Takashi Nishiyama Hiroshi Matsumoto
Platform(s) show List

What does zaibatsu mean in Japanese?

wealthy clique
zaibatsu, (Japanese: “wealthy clique”), any of the large capitalist enterprises of Japan before World War II, similar to cartels or trusts but usually organized around a single family. One zaibatsu might operate companies in nearly all important areas of economic activity.

Does Kazuya own G Corp?

Kazuya left the the fifth Iron Fist tournament to pursue his revenge, and violently took control of the corporation and has been running it ever since.