What does Sabre Corp do?

What does Sabre Corp do?

Sabre Corporation provides technology solutions to the global travel and tourism industry. The Company offers tours and travel services, as well as online reservations for airlines, hotels, cruises, car rental companies, and vacation packages.

How many employees does Sabre have?

9,950Sabre Corporation / Number of employees (2020)

Which airlines are using Sabre?

Welcome to SabreSonic® Customer Sales & Service. It’s the solution that leading carriers like LAN Airlines, JetBlue, WestJet, Volaris, Aeroméxico, Alaska Airlines, Aeroflot, Ethiopian Airlines and Vietnam Airlines rely on.

What is Sabre application?

Description. Sabre App: Thales SquadNet Soldier Radio comes with an App for smartphones which provide soldiers with greater management of their communications and situational awareness. This is why it is the best value for money soldier radio on the market.

How do I contact Sabre help desk?

Sabre APIs Support Desk: webservices.support@sabre.com. Sabre Red Apps Support Desk: redappssupport@sabre.com.

Who runs Sabre?

Sabre is privately owned by TPG and Silver Lake Partners. The company operates three businesses: Sabre Airline Solutions, Sabre Hospitality Solutions and Sabre Travel Network.

Who is the CEO of Sabre?

Sean E. Menke (Dec 31, 2016–)Sabre Corporation / CEO

Is Sabre a SaaS company?

Sabre offers the travel industry’s broadest range of technology solutions including data-driven business intelligence, mobile, distribution and Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions, used by travel suppliers and buyers to plan, market, sell, serve and operate their businesses.

How much does it cost to use Sabre?

Click here for the Sabre Application. The usage fee for Sabre is $25/month for the 1st license and $20 for each additional. But the fee is waived if you make 100 bookings, of any kind (Hotel, Air, Cruise, Tour, Car, Hotel…..) in 1 month. Most of our agents pay nothing.

What does Sabre do in India?

We operate the Sabre Travel Solutions and Sabre Hospitality Solutions businesses in India. Sabre India’s sales team provides support to the airline, hotel, travel agency and travel management community across the country.

Why Sabre Travel Solutions?

Sabre’s vibrant capability center at India’s silicon-valley, Bengaluru plays a major role in developing industry-leading solutions for the travel business and provides a strong IT backbone to global operations. We operate the Sabre Travel Solutions and Sabre Hospitality Solutions businesses in India.

Why join the SABRE Group?

Discover the latest from thought leadership to breaking news, all curated so you can explore beyond. By joining forces, companies are poised to best-serve the fastest growing segment in airline travel. “Today, we announced a critical step toward completing our transformation into a new Sabre…”

What is it like to intern at Sabre?

These interns, chosen from across 12 top colleges in the country were given an immersion of key technologies, Sabre culture and businesses that Sabre focuses on. It was followed by a 3-day hackathon which allowed them to apply their new learnings, to create innovative solutions for the travel industry.