What does Raj Rajaratnam do now?

What does Raj Rajaratnam do now?

Rajaratnam, 64, was released from federal prison in 2019, after serving almost eight years of an 11-year sentence. He’s now promoting a new book — “Uneven Justice: The Plot to Sink Galleon” — set to be released next week.

Where is Rajaratnam now?

Raj Rajaratnam, convicted of insider trading charges and now free after more than 7 years in federal prison, has authored a new book, Uneven Justice, about his experience of being prosecuted in the Southern District of New York.

Which company was affected in Rajat Gupta insider?

Gupta was convicted of illegally sharing information about Goldman Sachs to hedge fund manager Raj Rajaratnam, who is serving 11 years in prison for insider trading. The case involving Gupta revolved around the day in 2008 when Warren Buffett agreed to invest in Goldman Sachs.

How was Rajat Gupta?

Gupta was convicted in June 2012 on insider trading charges of four criminal felony counts of conspiracy and securities fraud in the Galleon scandal. He was sentenced in October 2012 to two years in prison, an additional year on supervised release and ordered to pay $5 million in fines.

How did the case against Rajat Gupta begin?

The case against Mr. Gupta revolved around the day in the fall of 2008 when Warren Buffett agreed to make a crucial investment in Goldman Sachs, bolstering public confidence in the firm when such confidence was in dangerously short supply.

Did Rajat Gupta go to jail?

NEW DELHI (Reuters) – Rajat Gupta, one of the most prominent members of the global financial elite until he was convicted of insider trading in 2012, has revealed he was kept in solitary confinement for weeks during his incarceration in an American federal prison.

Is Rajat Gupta free now?

Rajat Gupta, the high-profile former chief of McKinsey, became a free man again on March 11 after a two-year prison sentence in the US in an insider-trading case.

How much money does Raj Rajaratnam have?

It grants nonviolent criminal offenders, particularly those convicted for drug charges, early release from prison if they are over 60 or if they have a terminal illness. Rajaratnam, whose net worth Forbes estimated at $1.3 billion in 2009 when he was among the 400 richest Americans, was released July 23.

Who is Reinhold Gebert?

Reinhold Gebert is the chief operating officer and the chief risk officer for Teza Technologies, which is a trading firm based in Chicago, Illinois.