What does partial fare on DB mean?

What does partial fare on DB mean?

Partial fare in your case means that the bus is not included, that is correct. The problem is that you requested a connection to a certain address, so the system calculates the quickest connection to the closest bus stop to that address.

Can you buy tickets on the train in Germany?

Can You Buy Tickets on The Train In Germany? Yes and No. If you are traveling on Long Distance (ICE, IC) trains, then technically you can, but they are going to be quite expensive. You’ll need to find a conductor (either standing on the platform or walk around until you find one onboard) to request a ticket ASAP.

Can I take any train with my ticket?

An anytime ticket allows you to return on any train within the dates displayed on your ticket. Advance tickets are the best value tickets available but can only be used for your chosen train on the specific date and time. They are non-refundable and if you miss your train, you will need to buy a new ticket to travel.

What is Flex price DB?

When you pay the flexible fare for a ticket, this gives you full flexibility when travelling. You can take any train you want on the day of your ticket’s validity, i.e. you are not restricted to a specific service. A BahnCard 25 or 50 gets you a 25% or 50% discount on the flexible fare price.

Can you take an earlier train in Germany?

Deutsche Bahn Instead you are allowed to take any train within the validity period of the ticket. If you are travelling less than 100km, you are able to take any train, at any time, travelling to the same destination on your reserved departure date.

What does a flex ticket mean?

Flexible flights are those which allow for changes or cancellations after the purchase has been made. By purchasing a flexible flight, also known as flexi flights or open tickets, travelers are able to change travel dates or even cancel last-minute for no fee or a smaller fee than with regular airline tickets.

Can you drink beer on German trains?

Are there any rules regarding alcohol consumption? Some private train companies have an alcohol Ban but on regular DB trains (ICE for instance) you are still allowed to consume alcohol. And yes, you may bring your own. The rules are: don’t get rowdy and molest your fellow passengers.