What does OSEA skincare stand for?

What does OSEA skincare stand for?

ocean, sun, earth and atmosphere
OSEA stands for ocean, sun, earth and atmosphere. And this is what OSEA considers the core elements of wellness.

Where is OSEA skincare from?

More Stories by Ingrid Schmidt. “I used to jokingly say, ‘OSEA: We were green when it was just a color’ and then someone told me it was a great phrase, so I trademarked it,” says Jenefer Palmer, self-titled chief seaweed officer of the Malibu-based natural skincare line OSEA (Ocean, Sun, Earth and Atmosphere).

Who owns OSEA Malibu?

Jenefer Palmer
5 Minutes with Jenefer Palmer, Founder of OSEA.

Are OSEA products natural?

OSEA products begin with a rich base of sustainably-sourced, organic Patagonian seaweed. The innovative formulations are infused with pure steam-distilled and cold pressed essential oils, as well as other nourishing ingredients that provide solutions to many skin concerns.

What does OSEA smell like?

It’s lightweight, non-greasy, and absorbs easily so it feels really nice on the skin. It has a light citrusy smell that seems to fade after being on the skin, which I like since I can still wear perfumes without the scents clashing.

Can you use OSEA on your face?

After cleansing skin, apply generously to your face and neck. Layer with Sea Vitamin Boost or Sea Minerals Mist. Finish with preferred OSEA moisturizer. Use morning and night.

How do you apply hyaluronic acid to OSEA?

After cleansing, apply Hyaluronic Sea Serum over skin. Allow to absorb. Seal in with OSEA moisturizer of your choice. Use morning and night.

Is OSEA a clean brand?

OSEA is free of synthetic chemicals such as parabens, petrochemicals, and sulfates.

What do OSEA products smell like?

Is algae oil good for your skin?

By properly regulating the production of sebum, algae can ensure your skin is properly hydrated without becoming too greasy or oily. The high concentration of Omega-3 fatty acids in algae also makes it great for preventing dry skin and helping to combat skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis, and acne.

Who is the founder of OSEA?

#BeautyBoss: Jenefer Palmer, Founder of OSEA.

Does OSEA really work?

I’ve been using them for years and have tried *most* of their products. It’s pretty rare to find a brand that checks all of my boxes (clean ingredients, sustainable packaging, brand values, etc.) AND the products all perform well. Truly, OSEA is a standout skincare brand that I wholeheartedly love and recommend.

Where to buy Osea skincare?

You can purchase OSEA products on their website directly: oseamalibu.com. There are also many online and in-store retailers that stock the brand’s products. Some of them include:

Where to buy Osea products?

Naturally sourced,unique marine ingredients (for example,different types of seaweed)

  • Many products serve multiple purposes
  • Vegan,gluten-free,and non-GMO
  • Free of fragrance,petrochemicals,parabens,and sulfates
  • OSEA quiz helps figure out which products are ideal for your skin type
  • Free samples with every purchase
  • Where to buy Osea?

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    What are the essential skin care products?

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