What does no defense mean?

What does no defense mean?

1 resistance against danger, attack, or harm; protection. 2 a person or thing that provides such resistance.

What does General mean?

: of, relating to, or affecting all the people or things in a group : involving or including many or most people. : relating to the main or major parts of something rather than the details : not specific. —used to indicate that a description relates to an entire person or thing rather than a particular part.

What is the difference between defense and Defence?

Defence and defense are both correct ways to spell the same word. The difference between them, the fact that one’s spelled with a “c” and the other with an “s”, comes down to the part of the world in which they are used. In parts of the world where British English is used, they use the spelling with a “c”—defence.

What does in defense mean?

1 : in order to keep (something) safe that is being physically attacked They fought in defense of their country. 2 : in support of (someone or something) that is being verbally attacked or criticized She spoke out in defense of justice.

How do you write a proposal for defense?

Dissertation Proposal Defense Tips

  1. Anticipate Questions. In your presentation, try to answer all of the questions you expect your committee to ask.
  2. Look for Weaknesses.
  3. Practice.
  4. Avoid Wordiness on PowerPoint Slides.
  5. Be Able to Pronounce the Words Correctly.
  6. Watch Recordings of Previous Defenses.

How do you format a proposal?

Writing a Proposal: Step-by-Step Guide

  1. 1 Planning:
  2. 2 Sketch your problem or point of improvement.
  3. 3 Sketch your proposed solution.
  4. 4 Define your reader.
  5. 5 Writing:
  6. 6 Draft the problem your idea will solve.
  7. 7 Include who the proposal will effect.
  8. 8 Draft the proposed solution to the problem.

What is a defense in criminal law?

In the field of criminal law, there are a variety of conditions that will tend to negate elements of a crime (particularly the intent element), known as defenses. So-called defenses may provide partial or total refuge from punishment.

What’s the opposite of defense?

Defense is the opposite of offense. It has to do with defending against all sorts of things: In the military, defense is about protecting a country from attack. In sports, defense is supposed to stop the other team from scoring. A defense attorney tries to prove his client is innocent.

How do you say defense?

A: The usual pronunciation of “defense” is duh-FENSE, except in sports terminology, where it’s generally pronounced DEE-fense.

What’s offense and defense?

The action of defending or protecting from attack, danger, or injury. Anything employed to oppose attack(s). # A strategy and tactics employed to prevent the other team from scoring; contrasted with offense. # The portion of a team dedicated to preventing the other team from scoring; contrasted with offense.

How do you build the best defenses against challenges to achieve the best quality of life?

There are many ways to build the best defense against challenges to achieve the best quality of life possible for us:

  1. Do your best always.
  2. Turn your weaknesses into strengths.
  3. Learn from your mistakes.
  4. Eliminate fear.
  5. Be resilient.
  6. Do not falter.
  7. Learn how to say no.

How do you defend a project topic?

  1. How to Defend (Present) a Project.
  2. Be conversant and passionate about your project work.
  3. Rehearse likely questions that you may be asked on defense day.
  4. Have a mock project defense.
  5. Be time conscious.
  6. Prepare your slides.
  7. Ensure that you get your facts right.
  8. Body language and confidence.

What is the part of speech of defense?

part of speech: adjective. definition 1: intended for defense or protection, or serving to defend or protect.