What does it mean when it says Exhaust Fluid Quality Poor?

What does it mean when it says Exhaust Fluid Quality Poor?

The Exhaust Fluid Quality Poor DIC message notifies the customer that the ECM has detected a drop in the SCR NOx reduction efficiency. This PI is to assist with vehicles that have difficulty completing the Reductant Fluid Quality Test (RFQT) and/or clearing the Exhaust Fluid Quality Poor Message.

What causes poor DEF quality?

While it is common that the root cause is poor DEF quality, it is not a guaranteed cause by any means. Potential causes beyond bad DEF fluid include: Bad NOx sensors. Contaminated SCR box.

How do you reset poor exhaust fluid quality?

Do a manual regeneration clean it up. Then it has to pass a DEF fluid quality test. If you can keep driving it, the ECM will run the tests and either clear the message or turn the light back on. It has to see the system working normal for the message to clear.

How long does a reductant fluid quality test take?

The Reductant Fluid Quality Test (RFQT) may not pass the first test or it may time out (45 minutes for LGH, 70 minutes LML).

How do you know if your DEF fluid is bad?

The easiest way to spot bad DEF is to look at it. The fluid is naturally clear so if it appears cloudy or colored, it’s likely contaminated or old. Contaminates, including small particles or larger rocks or dirt will also be easy to see. If DEF has gone bad, do not attempt to use it.

Is there a DEF filter?

The Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Filter offers a convenient, effective way to deliver clean DEF into your equipment. If DEF is not filtered, urea crystals and other contaminants picked up during storage and handling can cause malfunction of the SCR system.

How do you reset a DEF fluid sensor?

To reset your engine system properly, you’d have to disconnect the negative battery cable and let your engine drain away all its power by waiting for about 30 minutes. This will force the computer to reset on its own. Later on, you need to use a code reader, pour in enough DEF, and take the vehicle to a repair shop.