What does it mean to be tightly knit?

What does it mean to be tightly knit?

closely integrated
Definition of tight-knit : closely integrated and bound in love or friendship a tight-knit family.

How would you describe a tight-knit community?

Close-knit and tight-knit are adjectives that describe people who have strong bonds, people who are are closely bound together through cultural, political, social or family ties. The adverb forms are closely-knit and tightly-knit.

How do you describe a tight knitted family?

The Merriam-Webster definition of tight-knit is described as “closely integrated and bound in love or friendship.” It’s also defined as a group of people who care about each other and who are very friendly with each other. A tight-knit family is close. They genuinely care for one another.

What is a tight knit social group called?

Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for CLOSE-KNIT SOCIAL GROUP [tribe]

What is a synonym for cohesive?

synonyms: glueyness, gluiness, gumminess, ropiness, tackiness, viscidity, viscidness. type of: viscosity, viscousness. resistance of a liquid to shear forces (and hence to flow) the state of cohering or sticking together. synonyms: coherence, coherency, cohesion.

What is tight-knit fabric?

Most knit fabrics are soft to the touch. If it’s a tight-knit fabric, it will feel smooth; if it’s a looser-knit fabric, it will feel bumpy or ridged due to the ribbing. Easy to maintain.

How do you use tight knitting in a sentence?

He enjoyed the camaraderie of a single, tight-knit army squad, bound together through the chaos of battle over the course of the entire game. Young students learn quickly that forming a tight-knit group of friendships helps them feel like they belong.

How do you describe a close-knit family?

A close-knit group of people are closely linked, do things together, and take an interest in each other.

What is the opposite of tight-knit?

Adjective. ▲ Opposite of closely linked or connected, as by a common identity, culture, or bond. loose.