What does Hoby stand for?

What does Hoby stand for?

Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership (HOBY) is an organization dedicated to “training and nurturing the young leaders of tomorrow.” Its mission is to provide lifelong leadership development opportunities that empower youth to achieve their highest potential and gain knowledge of leadership skills.

Is Hoby legit?

HOBY ALA is NOT a scam. Buckeye Girls State is. Now, I have also gone to Buckeye Girls State. Firsthand, I have experienced how terribly this promotes leadership skills.

What do you do at Hoby?

HOBY empowers young people to dream big, make an impact, and change the world. Our leadership programs are designed to educate, motivate and activate students, giving them the tools they need to turn their ideas into action and reach their goals.

Is Hoby good for college?

In the tier of extracurricular activities, HOBY is either a tier two- or a high tier-three extracurricular activity—it demonstrates achievement and a high level of leadership. The downside of it on college applications is that it’s not super exclusive—more than 7,000 students participate.

What is the Hoby Leadership Conference?

The HOBY Southern California Leadership Seminar is a three day leadership development program which brings together approximately 180 students from across the region. Students learn individual leadership styles, group dynamics, and leadership in society–all with a focus on Leadership for Service to their communities.

How much does Hoby cost?

Q: HOW MUCH IS THE REGISTRATION FEE? The fee to attend a HOBY Leadership Seminar is $150. Your local HOBY team will communicate their policy on accepting any additional students and any associated fees.

What is the HOBY award?

HOBY INTERNATIONAL INSPIRATION AWARD HONOREES. Individuals selected by HOBY’s Board to receive this award have profoundly inspired others by their character, their values and their actions. Their achievements have equaled their ambitions, and they inspire us to do no less.