What does crossing the Ditch mean?

What does crossing the Ditch mean?

(informal, Australia, New Zealand) On or to the other side of the Tasman Sea.

Why is it called the ditch between Australia and New Zealand?

The Tasman Sea is informally referred to in both Australian and New Zealand English as the Ditch; for example, crossing the Ditch means travelling to Australia from New Zealand, or vice versa. The diminutive term “the Ditch” used for the Tasman Sea is comparable to referring to the North Atlantic Ocean as “the Pond”.

Why is it called the ditch?

The Tasman Sea has for many years been referred to as “The Ditch” by Australians and New Zealanders. The exact etymology for this term is uncertain, however when traveling between Australia and New Zealand, it is commonly referred to as “crossing the ditch”.

How did you take the other across the ditch?

Answer: They were all greatly pleased to see how easily he did it, and after the Scarecrow had got down from his back the Lion sprang across the ditch again. Dorothy thought she would go next; so she took Toto in her arms and climbed on the Lion’s back, holding tightly to his mane with one hand.

Has anyone crossed the Tasman sea in a kayak?

A New Zealand man has become the first person to kayak solo across the Tasman Sea. Scott Donaldson looked weary and a little bedraggled when he raised his arms in jubilation on Monday night.

Has anyone swam across the Tasman Sea?

Andrew McAuley (born 7 August 1968; presumed dead 9–12 February 2007) was an Australian mountaineer and sea kayaker. He is presumed to have died following his disappearance at sea while attempting to kayak 1600 km (994 mi) across the Tasman Sea from Australia to New Zealand in February 2007.

Why did the lion start trembling?

The lion began to tremble because he saw the Kalidahs running towards them.

Did they find Andrew McAuley’s body?

It was missing only the cockpit canopy. The paddle, satellite phone, GPS, and beacon—still not not activated—were all in working order inside the kayak. McAuley was never found.

Was Andrew McAuley’s body found?

Doomed Australian kayaker Andrew McAuley attempted a solo and unassisted trans-Tasman crossing in 2007. He spent 30 days at sea and disappeared as he neared New Zealand. His body has never been found. There was only one person who could have finished his book after his death and that was his devout wife Vicki.

How did you take the other across the ditch were you afraid?