What does Blipped mean slang?

What does Blipped mean slang?

a temporary irregularity recorded in performance of something.

What does just a blip mean?

an unexpected and unusual condition that is usually temporary: The drop in sales last month was just a blip, nothing to worry about. A blip is also a small spot of light that appears on a radar screen and shows where a physical object is.

How do you use blip in a sentence?

Blip sentence example I am a mere blip in the history of the University. There was a minor blip in March due to a power cut. A slight blip in Q3 last year, every other quarter has seen growth.

What is a blip in time?

a short period of time in which a situation gets worse before improving: The government is hoping that last week’s strike was just a blip before the pay deals are settled.

Does blip mean gun?

The “blip” was displayed indicating the direction of the target off the centreline axis of the radar, or more commonly, the aircraft or gun it was attached to.

What does no blip meaning?

a temporary change that does not have any special meaning: Last month’s rise in inflation was described by the chancellor as only a blip. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases.

What does a blip look like?

A blip is a small spot of light, sometimes occurring with a short, high-pitched sound, which flashes on and off regularly on a piece of equipment such as a radar screen.

Is blip a Scrabble word?

Yes, blip is in the scrabble dictionary.