What does AfD stand for in Germany?

What does AfD stand for in Germany?

Alternative for Germany

Alternative for Germany Alternative für Deutschland
Abbreviation AfD
Leader Tino Chrupalla
Deputy co-leaders Stephan Brandner Beatrix von Storch Alice Weidel
Parliamentary leaders Tino Chrupalla Alice Weidel

Is there a nationalist party in Germany?

The National Democratic Party of Germany (German: Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands or NPD) is a far-right and Neo-Nazi political party in Germany. The party was founded in 1964 as successor to the German Reich Party (German: Deutsche Reichspartei, DRP).

Which are the 2 major political parties in Germany?

This is a list of political parties in Germany. The Federal Republic of Germany has a plural multi-party system. The largest by members and parliament seats are the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), with its sister party, the Christian Social Union (CSU) and Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD).

Who is Dr Alice weidel?

Alice Elisabeth Weidel (born 6 February 1979) is a German politician and has been the leader of the Alternative for Germany (AfD) in the Bundestag since October 2017.

What does the SPD believe in?

The party platform of the SPD espouses the goal of social democracy, which it envisions as a societal arrangement in which freedom and social justice are paramount. According to the party platform, political freedom, justice and social solidarity form the basis of social democracy.

What is the Conservative Party of Germany?

The German Conservative Party was generally seen as representing the interests of the German nobility, the Junker landowners living east of the Elbe and the Evangelical Church of the Prussian Union and had its political stronghold in the Prussian Diet, where the three-class franchise gave rural elites disproportionate …

Is SPD right or left?

listen)) is a center-left social democratic political party in Germany. It is one of the two major parties of contemporary Germany along with the Union parties (CDU/CSU). Saskia Esken is the party’s leader since the 2019 leadership election together with Lars Klingbeil, who joined her in December 2021.

Is Alice weidel married?

Alice Weidel

Alice Weidel MdB
Domestic partner Sarah Bossard
Children 2
Residence Biel, Switzerland Berlin, Germany
Alma mater University of Bayreuth

Is Germany a socialist country?

Section 1, Article 1: “The German Democratic Republic is a socialist state of workers and peasants. It is the political organization of the working people of town and country under the leadership of the working class and its Marxist-Leninist party”.

Was ist der Unterschied zwischen der NPD und der DVU?

Nach dem Beschluss des DVU-Parteitags vom 12. Dezember 2010 fusionierte die DVU zum 1. Januar 2011 mit der rechtsextremen Nationaldemokratischen Partei Deutschlands (NPD). Die fusionierte Partei trug den Namen NPD – Die Volksunion, mittlerweile wieder nur NPD.

Was ist unvereinbar mit der Mitgliedschaft in der DVU?

Unvereinbar mit der Mitgliedschaft in der DVU ist die gleichzeitige Mitgliedschaft insbesondere in folgenden politischen Parteien oder Vereinigungen: FAP, Nationale Liste […], Nationalistische Front […] sowie bei Ersatz- oder Nachfolgeorganisationen und Gruppierungen u. a. um folgende Personen: Röder, Busse, Reitz, Pape, Althans, Worch. […] 4.

Was ist der Unterschied zwischen der DVU und der National-Zeitung?

Die Gesinnung, Ansichten und Auffassungen der DVU kamen in der National-Zeitung wesentlich deutlicher zum Vorschein als in ihrem Parteiprogramm, das eine rechtsextreme Grundhaltung der Partei eher verschleierte (siehe Struktur ).