What does a database manager do?

What does a database manager do?

A database manager is responsible for developing and maintaining an organizations’ systems that store and organize data for companies. By implementing several security programs, they ensure the safety of stored data.

What is IIS database?

IIS Database Manager allows you to easily manage your local and remote databases from within IIS Manager. IIS Database Manager automatically discovers databases based on the web server or application configuration and also provides the ability to connect to any database on the network.

How do I install IIS Management Service?


  1. Click on the Windows button and select Server Manager.
  2. In the Server Manager Dashboard, click Manage > Add Roles and Features.
  3. Click Installation Type.
  4. Select the Role-based or feature-based installation option and click Next.
  5. Select the server on which you want to install IIS and click Next.

What is the job description of data entry?

The duties of a Data Entry Operator include coding information, troubleshooting processing errors and achieving an organization’s goals by completing the necessary tasks. They are also responsible for complying with data integrity and security policies, printing and scanning files and generating reports.

What are the major components of database manager?

Components of a database management system

  • Storage engine.
  • Query language.
  • Query processor.
  • Optimization engine.
  • Metadata catalog.
  • Log manager.
  • Reporting and monitoring tools.
  • Data utilities.

What is IIS explain different features of IIS?

Internet Information Services (IIS) is a flexible, general-purpose web server from Microsoft that runs on Windows systems to serve requested HTML pages or files. An IIS web server accepts requests from remote client computers and returns the appropriate response.

Where is IIS Manager?

To open IIS Manager from the Start screen

  1. On the Start screen, click Control Panel.
  2. Click System and Security, and then click Administrative Tools.
  3. In the Administrative Tools window, double-click Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.

What are 3 basic things that you need to configure in IIS Manager to make your website accessible remotely?


  • Prerequisites.
  • Configuring Remote Connections in IIS Manager.
  • Enable Remote Connections and Configure Identity Credentials.
  • Configure Connection and Logging Settings for the Management Service.
  • Configure IP and Domain Restrictions for the Management Service.
  • Configuring Users and Permissions for IIS Manager.
  • How do you describe data entry skills?

    Data entry skills are attributes and competencies related to the processing, recording and tracking of various data and information sets. Many companies want employees with data entry skills, since these competencies are important for a number of different professions.

    What skills are needed for a data entry job?

    Most needed data entry skills include:

    • Proficient typing and transcription.
    • Computer and technical skills (including software knowledge)
    • Organisational and time management abilities.
    • Administrative skills.
    • Communication (written and verbal)
    • Customer service skills.
    • Accuracy and attention to detail.
    • Multi-tasking.