What does a chief pilot do?

What does a chief pilot do?

Chief pilots (aircraft) oversee the overall operations of an aviation department. This includes managing flight and ground personnel, coordinating maintenance, and scheduling flights.

How do I become a good chief pilot?

A great Chief Pilot is highly knowledgeable (but not all-knowing), demonstrating the curiosity and openness to explore new ideas and concepts brought to them by their team and peers in the industry. And he/she must proactively stay out ahead of technology and trends.

What is the highest position in pilot?

Captain, the pilot highest-ranking member or members of a flight crew. First officer (FO, also called a co-pilot), another pilot who is normally seated to the right of the captain. (On helicopters, an FO is normally seated to the left of the captain, who occupies the right-hand seat).

What does a chief flight instructor do?

The chief flying instructor (CFI) is the flying instructor responsible for all flight training at an organization.

What’s the difference between a pilot and a captain?

A pilot is someone who takes direct part in flying an aircraft by manipulating flight controls. A captain is a person who can (in the sense of is capable of and legally permitted to) act as a pilot, and who has been hired or promoted by their employer to the rank of captain.

How do you become a chief helicopter pilot?

To be a Chief Helicopter Pilot typically requires 5 years experience in the related area as an individual contributor. 1 – 3 years supervisory experience may be required. Extensive knowledge of the function and department processes.

What certificates and rating must a chief flight instructor of a FAR Part 141 school possess?

(3) Each instructor to be used for ground or flight training must hold a flight instructor certificate, ground instructor certificate, or commercial pilot certificate with a lighter-than-air rating, as appropriate, with ratings for the approved course of training and any aircraft used in that course.