What do Freesia flowers smell like?

What do Freesia flowers smell like?

The blossoms are said to emit hints of honey, mint and strawberry. (They have even been described as smelling like Froot Loops cereal…) Some think freesias’ perfume is soapy and powdery, others woody and citrusy, sunny and peppery.

Do Freesia flowers have a scent?

Freesia. Freesias have a fruity scent many people compare to fresh strawberries. These delicate multi-colored flowers with their sweet, airy scent have made them one of the world’s most popular flowers. The scent of Freesia is often found in soaps, lotions, shampoos, and perfume.

What kind of smell is Freesia?

Freesias are definitely a sweet-smelling flower. Some have compared them to strawberries and summer fruits, while some say they have a bit more of a citrusy scent to them!

How would you describe Freesia scent?

It’s no surprise that freesias are favourite flowers, for many of us: these delicate, multi-coloured flowers smell so radiantly sweet and airy, with an almost nose-tingling freshness – and a hint of citrus in there somewhere, too.

Which flower has the best fragrance?

10 of the best fragrant flowers

  • Rose. This heady, timeless, classic scent is evocative of traditional English country gardens.
  • Lily. The lily really knows how to make a statement in the home.
  • Freesia. Few fragrances shout ‘spring’ quite like the fresh scent of freesia.
  • Gardenia.
  • Lavender.
  • Hyacinth.
  • Tuberose.
  • Lilac.

What is the nicest smelling flower?

15 Fragrant Plants That Will Make Your Garden Smell Amazing

  • Hyacinth. Caroline Gauvin.
  • Magnolia. Marianne Purdie.
  • Gardenia. © Santiago Urquijo.
  • Wisteria. Natalia Ganelin.
  • Freesia. Manfred Gottschalk.
  • Sweet Alyssum. Courtesy of Proven Winners.
  • Honeysuckle. Courtesy of Proven Winners.
  • Rose.

What does freesia symbolize?

Freesia Meanings Freesia flower meanings generally include friendship, trust, thoughtfulness and innocence. They are a popular gift for friends and family, and is a popular flower amongst various cultures. According to the Victorian language of flowers, the freesia is the ultimate flower of trust.

What flower smells best?

What do Magnolias smell like?

Its character, or flavour, depends on the mix of compounds in each flower, often with a lemony linalool base. Consequently, magnolias can smell like sweet candy, spicy verbena, tart lemon, citrus-honey or dusty violets.

What is freesia used for?

Freesia flowers are hugely popular during the spring and summer months. And they have a very symbolic meaning behind them too. With their pretty colours and feel-good scent, they’re usually used as either wedding flowers, or to brighten up the home, or simply to give to your favourite people.