What did Michael Argyle say about communication?

What did Michael Argyle say about communication?

Michael Argyle (1972) said that non-verbal and verbal communication is a skill that can be learnt and developed. In the communication cycle the appropriate responses must be adapted to communicate successfully.

What did Michael Argyle argue about interpersonal communication?

Argyle argued that interpersonal skills can be studied and can be advanced like any other skill. In Argyle’s theory he has created a communication cycle which starts off as ideas occur which is when you think of something that you want to communicate.

What were Michael Argyle’s main areas of research?

The United States Library of Congress catalog lists 44 titles of books authored, co-authored, edited, or co-edited by Michael. He himself listed as his main research interests the psychology of happiness, social skills and social competence, non-verbal communication, and the psychology of religion.

When was Argyle’s communication cycle created?

Argyle made modifications in 1972 to the communication cycle initially developed by Charles Berner in 1965. The communication cycle involves six steps: someone decides to communicate an idea, encodes it, and sends it; someone else receives it, decodes it and understands it.

What is Charles Berner communication theory?

This theory of effective communication was first developed by Charles Berner in 1965 and is when someone decides to communicate. The process involves taking action (message sent), which is then received by the other person (message received).

What are the 6 stages of communication cycle?

These are the principles we’ve come up with, broken down per step in the communication model.

  • Idea stage.
  • Encoding stage.
  • Signals stage.
  • Decoding stage.
  • Meaning stage.
  • Feedback stage.

Why is Argyle’s communication cycle effective?

The Argyle’s communication cycle theory is process commonly used in the health and social care sector to explain how communication can be effective, this is a theory in which can enable a person to understand what is being said or wrote, and to be able to respond to the conversation appropriately.

What did Michael Argyle do?

He was the joint founder of the British Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, the first British journal with dedicated space for social psychology. He started the social psychology section of the British Psychological Society.

What did Michael Argyle believe?

Argyle, a committed Christian, published several empirical works on the psychology of religion. Although he had profound religious beliefs, he was also committed to the scientific method and did not allow his faith to interfere with his experimental research.

What are the 6 stages of the communication cycle?

The Communication Process Model

  • Sender comes up with an idea to communicate.
  • Sender transforms it into a message.
  • Sender transmits it.
  • Recipient decodes message.
  • Receiver attaches meaning to the message.
  • Receiver gives feedback to sender.

Why is Argyle’s communication cycle important?