What did Kakistos do to faiths?

What did Kakistos do to faiths?

The tie-in novel Go Ask Malice expands on Faith’s memories of her Watcher, named Diana Dormer. Kakistos tore her in half right before Faith’s eyes.

Is The Master older than Kakistos?

The Master was said to be the oldest vampire on record but Kakistos is from Greek antiquity.

Why did they change the Buffy theme song?

In the DVD commentaries for “Welcome to the Hellmouth,” Whedon explained that part of his decision to go with Nerf Herder’s theme was that Alyson Hannigan had made him listen to the band’s music. Nerf Herder later recorded a second version of the theme which was used for the opening titles from season 3 on.

How old was James Marsters during Buffy?

Marsters, who was 35 when he first appeared on Buffy and 40 when it ended, is also a musician.

Why did The Master turn Darla?

Believing he was Death, she was corrected by the Master who told her that he was in fact her savior. He sired her and at some point gave her the name “Darla,” Gaelic for “dear one.” In time, she eventually forgot her original name.

How old was Kakistos in Buffy?

If Kakistos is from ancient Greeceā€¦ that would put his age at Before Christ. So Kakistos would have been either 2800 years old or maybe just 1400 years old? The Master would only be over 800 years old….the first season’s Big Bad.

The Master
Created by Joss Whedon

What episode does Buffy tell everyone she killed Angel?

“Revelations” is the seventh episode of season three of the television show Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Why does The Master have a skeleton?

Unlike most vampires, who turned completely to dust upon their death, the Master left behind a skeleton. His remains were then buried in a cemetery and consecrated with holy water in a special ritual to prevent any vampires from retrieving him.

Who killed Faith’s watcher?

vampire Kakistos
Becoming the Slayer Another noteworthy tale included her encounter with a large, male vampire in Missouri who owned alligators as pets, forcing her to wrestle with one of them. According to Faith, it was her toughest kill. However, at some point, Faith ran into the vampire Kakistos, who murdered her Watcher.

Who sired Angel?

In the first part of the season 2 finale, it’s revealed that in 1753 in Galway, Ireland, Angel (then known as Liam) was sired by Darla. Angel became enthralled by her beauty when he first set eyes on the vampire, and foolishly decided to follow her.

Are the bands in Buffy real bands?

While there were many real-life bands that played the Bronze, Four Star Mary was the band behind Oz’s fictional group, Dingoes Ate My Baby and THC was responsible for the music of Veruca’s band, Shy. Members of both bands could be seen at times on stage at the Bronze along with the fictional musicians played by actors.