What did Johnny Depp say about Edward Scissorhands?

What did Johnny Depp say about Edward Scissorhands?

“I can remember when we were doing Scissorhands, we were living in this sort of resort, some kind of country club thing. And there was a knock on the door one afternoon while everybody was off rehearsing,” Depp said.

Has Johnny Depp seen Edward Scissorhands?

As part of his promotional duties for the upcoming “Dark Shadows,” Johnny Depp appeared last night on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and, among other things, took questions from some of the individuals who dress up like his characters on Hollywood Boulevard.

How many words does Johnny Depp say in Edward Scissorhands?

Edward says less than 150 words in total Edward Scissorhands isn’t exactly the loquacious type. Throughout the movie, the leading role doesn’t have many lines at all. In fact, as Edward, Johnny Depp says less than 150 words in total.

What does Tim Burton say about Edward Scissorhands?

Burton remarked in an interview with David Breskin that he went through a “strong teenage feeling of not being able to touch or communicate,” which is symbolized in Edward’s physical inability to touch others without cutting them or speak beyond a few utterances.

How much did Johnny Depp get paid for Edward Scissorhands?

$3 million
Believe it or not, that is how much money Johnny Depp has earned in his long acting career. And it’s all gone. The $3 million he made for “Edward Scissorhands?” Gone.

How old was Johnny Depp in crybaby?

Johnny Depp was 26, Ricki Lake and Traci Lords were both 21, Kim McGuire was 34, and Darren E. Burrows was 23. Amy Locane was the only one of High School age at 18.

How old was Johnny Depp when filming Edward Scissorhands?

Winona Ryder was nineteen. Edward is of course ageless but his appearance is that of a teenager. Johnny Depp was twenty-six.

How old was Johnny Depp in Edward?

What is Edward Scissorhands supposed to represent?

The very first rendition of Edward’s character came into existence by way of a sketch that Burton drew in his early 20s. Edward’s inability to touch others without hurting them with his razor-sharp fingers was a metaphor for Burton’s own difficult youth in the suburban town of in Burbank, California.

What is Edward Scissorhands an allegory for?

The story of Edward Scissorhands was always a queer allegory that investigated the capacity for harm fearful people can inflict on those who are other. And although the film is nearly 30 years old, its themes of surveillance and menacing those who are different are sadly prescient.

How much was Deep Roy paid?

$1 million
To his surprise, Deep Roy played every Oompa Loompa, repeating the same movements several hundred times. While these were then put together digitally, each Oompa Loompa represents a separate performance by Roy. In recognition of this, Roy’s salary was raised to $1 million. Nestlé provided 1,850 bars of real chocolate.

Who is the antagonist in Edward Scissorhands?

Jim is the main antagonist of the 1990 Tim Burton film, Edward Scissorhands. He is Kim’s thuggish, violent and bullying jock boyfriend, who discriminated and scorned Edward (the main protagonist) for not being a real human. Wanting money to buy a van, Jim takes advantage of Edward’s ability to pick locks and breaks into his parents’ house.

Who played Edward Scissorhands?

Edward Scissorhands is the titular protagonist of the 1990 film Edward Sciccorhands. He was portrayed by Johnny Depp, who also played Captain Jack Sparrow, Willy Wonka, and The Mad Hatter. How old was Zsa Zsa when she came to America?

What is Edward Scissorhands rated?

Edward Scissorhands is rated PG-13 by the MPAA – Infrequent gun, weapons, and hand-to-hand violence, with little blood or detail. – Infrequent use of mild sexual language.

What is the main theme of Edward Scissorhands?

Main Themes In Edward Scissorhands. Edward Scissorhands Essay The film ‘Edward Scissorhands’ by Tim Burton,is a modern day fairy tale which follows the story of Edward,a young man

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