What did Blake Shelton text Ariana Grande?

What did Blake Shelton text Ariana Grande?

Last Friday, Grande sneakily buried a screenshot of a text Shelton sent her at the end of a 10-slide photo gallery on Instagram. The first nine are pretty random, but the last indicates that Shelton texted her a link to the OK Magazine article with a quip. “Thanks a lot Ari,” his text reads. “Thanks a f—in’ lot.”

Does Ariana Grande not like Blake?

Blake and Ariana have had a love-hate relationship so far on this season of The Voice — with Blake sometimes endorsing Ari over his coaching frenemy Kelly Clarkson, and sometimes accusing her of stabbing him in the back or “sucking up” to the studio audience.

Is Ariana Grande replacing Blake?

In a report by OK, the outlet claimed that a source revealed to Radar, “After a decade on the show, producers are quietly looking to replace Blake with someone younger and more current. Blake is great, but he is not in Ariana’s league.”

Is Blake Shelton leaving The Voice 2021?

Blake Shelton Bids Farewell to 2021 with Gwen Stefani and The Voice: ‘Let’s See What Ya Got 2022’

Why isn’t Gwen Stefani on The Voice 2021?

When is season 21 of The Voice? The Voice returns for its 21st season on September 20 at 8pm on NBC. However, the newly married Stefani will not be returning to the show. Instead, she is reportedly busy working on new music and her Las Vegas residency.

Did Ariana Grande and John Legend walk off The Voice?

Ariana Grande and John Legend got so frustrated they walked off the set and chowed down on popcorn when fellow coaches on “The Voice” Kelly Clarkson and Blake Shelton fought over a singer during Tuesday’s blind auditions.

Did Ariana leave The Voice?

The Voice coach Ariana Grande took to Twitter to say goodbye after the contestants on Team Ariana failed to make it through to the show’s finale. The Voice coach, Ariana Grande, sent her love and gratitude as she said goodbye to her team, who failed to make it through to the season 21 finale.

Who is helping Ariana on The Voice?

Ariana Grande and Kristin Chenoweth couldn’t be more excited to be working together on The Voice! Kristin is the celeb Battle Rounds advisor for Team Ari this season, and last week, they shared the adorable story of how they met (backstage at Wicked when Ari was 10, of course).

Why did Janelle leave The Voice?

Janel managed to leave a mark on people with her singing skills, and fans were disheartened to find out she will no longer be a part of the show. The news of her withdrawal came shortly after everyone found out that Wura had decided to leave the show due to medical reasons.