What courses does Cothm offer?

What courses does Cothm offer?

COTHM has unveiled new career horizons for the youth by offering them an array of programs covering hospitality management, culinary arts, baking & patisserie, travel, tourism & airline management, food, nutrition & safety sciences, and life skills.

How can I get admission in Cothm?

Admission Policies

  1. Application Form. A student wishing to attend COTHM shall complete an application form.
  2. Language Pre-Requisite.
  3. Payment of Fee.

What does Cothm stand for?


Acronym Definition
COTHM College of Tourism and Hotel Management (Nicosia, Cyprus)

Is Cothm recognized by HEC?

Are COTHM qualifications recognized from HEC? Are COTHM qualifications verified by foreign affairs office? Yes. They are 100 % verified by foreign affairs office.

What is tourism and hospitality management?

Hospitality and tourism management refers to management studies pertaining to management in the hospitality industry, of which tourism is a part.

What do you know about hospitality management?

Hospitality management is a career path that typically falls under the hotels, resorts, and lodging industry. Professionals in this field create and run many aspects of the guest experience. They also often manage teams that include front desk staff, housekeeping, and sales.

Why should I study Hospitality Management?

There are many other reasons why you should choose to study hospitality. Earning a degree in Hospitality Management prepares you for a wide variety of careers in different sectors of hospitality, enables you to transform the industry with innovative ideas, and offers you exciting global opportunities.

What is hospitality as a course?

A hospitality course educates students on the best practices within the hospitality industry. Topics covered within this type of program may range from learning how to properly interact with potential customers and employees to understanding how to competitively grow a hospitality business.

Is NUST recognized by HEC?

No # 30, I Center, G-9/1, Islamabad….

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​9 National University of Science & Technology (NUST), Islamabad ​Quetta Program allowed: BE-Civil Engineering (subject to aprpoval of PEC) BS Computer Science

How many universities does Pakistan have in 2021?

Today the system is overseen by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC), which oversees funding, research outputs, and teaching quality. The commission recognizes 174 universities in the country, including both private and public institutions, and some which are military or vocational in focus.