What county is Kershaw in?

What county is Kershaw in?

Lancaster CountyKershaw / CountyLancaster County is a county located in the U.S. state of South Carolina. As of the 2010 census, its population was 76,652. Its county seat is Lancaster, which has an urban population of 23,979. The county was created in 1785. Wikipedia

Who were the first families of South Carolina?

The Society of First Families of South Carolina 1670-1700

  • Alston, John.
  • Ashby, John.
  • Ashe, John.
  • Bacot, Pierre.
  • Bailey, Joseph (Capt.)
  • Ball, Elias I.
  • Ball, William, Sr.
  • Barnett, Lydia.

Who is Kershaw County named after?

Joseph Brevard Kershaw
The county was created in 1791 from parts of Claremont, Lancaster, Fairfield, and Richland counties. It is named for Col. Joseph Kershaw (1727–1791), an early settler and American Revolutionary War patriot….Kershaw County, South Carolina.

Kershaw County
Named for Joseph Brevard Kershaw
Seat Camden
Largest city Camden

What towns are in Kershaw County South Carolina?

Kershaw County/Cities

What county is in Camden SC?

Kershaw CountyCamden / County
Camden, city, seat (1791) of Kershaw county, north-central South Carolina, U.S. It was founded by English settlers along the Wateree River about 1733 and was originally known as Pine Tree Hill.

Who were the first settlers of Charleston South Carolina?

In the Spring of 1670, 150 English colonists, indentured servants and slaves sailed into the Charleston harbor. The first view of what would become the new colony of Carolina came in March 1670 at Bull’s Island. The travelers landed on a promising location they christened Albemarle Point in April 1670.

Who were the first settlers in Charleston SC?

The community was established in 1670 by English colonists from Bermuda, under the first William Sayle, governor of South Carolina, on the west bank of the Ashley River a few miles northwest of the present city.

Who won the Camden battle?

Battle of Camden, (August 16, 1780), in the American Revolution, British victory in South Carolina, one of the most crushing defeats ever inflicted upon an American army. British subjugation of rebel American colonies in the south depended on control of outposts and supply depots.

How far is Kershaw from Camden?

Together the two highways lead south 21 miles (34 km) to Camden. Kershaw is 54 miles (87 km) northeast of Columbia, the state capital, and 60 miles (97 km) south of Charlotte, North Carolina. According to the United States Census Bureau, the town has a total area of 2.1 square miles (5.4 km2), all land.

Who died in the Battle of Camden?

The British casualties were 68 killed, 245 wounded and 11 missing. Hugh Rankin says, “of the known dead, 162 were Continentals, 12 were South Carolina militiamen, 3 were Virginia militiamen and 63 were North Carolina militiamen”.

Why did the Battle of Camden happen?

Cornwallis decided to fight for the town for several reasons. Camden contained military storehouses and industry vital to the British war effort in the South. Additionally, Cornwallis would have had to abandon several hundred sick and wounded soldiers to Gates if he relinquished Camden.