What condition does Peniel BTOB have?

What condition does Peniel BTOB have?

Peniel Shin, January 2018 The then 23 year old had been using bandanas and caps to hide his hair loss which developed slowly over a five year period. His Alopecia Areata – an autoimmune disorder which causes sudden hair fall, leaving behind bald spots on the scalp – began with one small patch.

Is Peniel still in BTOB?

Peniel Shin (Korean: 프니엘 신; born March 10, 1993), better known mononymously as Peniel (Korean: 프니엘), is an American rapper and singer based in South Korea….

Peniel Shin
Years active 2012–present
Labels Cube
Associated acts BtoB BtoB 4U United Cube
Korean name

Does BTOB Peniel have to enlist?

BtoB 4U’s other rapper, Peniel, who has US citizenship, does not have to undertake military service. During the showcase, BtoB 4U performed the moombahton-tinged lead track Show Your Love.

How old is Peniel?

29 years (March 10, 1993)Peniel Shin / Age

Why did Peniel BTOB cut his hair?

A doctor later informed Peniel that he lost about 70 percent of his hair due to alopecia, an autoimmune disease that causes hair to fall out, and he wasn’t certain Peniel’s hair would grow back. To combat the bald patches, he chose to shave off all his hair and wear hats.

Why did Peniel Shin cut his hair?

During a TV show called “Hello Counselor,” the Chicago-born Korean American explained that he had kept his alopecia a secret ‘because of his fans’. However, after such a long time of hiding his hair loss, often under caps and bandanas, he wanted to come clean.

When did Peniel join JYP?

He is the lead rapper and main dancer of BTOB and BTOB 4U. At the time of his debut, he was the only foreigner to debut under Cube Entertainment. He was a trainee at JYP Entertainment, passing 2010 JYP Global Audition.

When did Peniel join cube?

Peniel(프니엘) is a Korean-American singer, songwriter and member of the group BTOB under Cube Entertainment. He debuted as a solo singer on June 27, 2017 with a digital single “THAT GIRL”.

Is BTOB done with military?

BTOB members Yook Sungjae and Hyunsik and PENTAGON’s Jinho have officially been discharged from mandatory military service that takes place in South Korea. The K-pop idols enlisted on the same day and the official date of their discharge was on November 14, 2021.

What is Zico doing now?

The 68-year-old former attacking midfielder is currently the technical director of the Antlers, a team he has both played for and managed, and who compete in the country’s top-flight J League.

How tall is Peniel from BtoB?

5′ 9″Peniel Shin / Height