What color does Delrin come in?

What color does Delrin come in?

Delrin sheet available in 8 standard colors: blue, green, red, orange, yellow, purple, fluorescent green and fluorescent pink. Ensinger’s Delrin® colored sheets are a homopolymer Acetal manufactured using DuPont Delrin® 150 Resin.

What is a Delrin rod?

Delrin rod is an homopolymer acetal grade that offers a higher mechanical strength, stiffness, hardness and creep resistance than acetal copolymer. Delrin rods are available from 5mm diameter to 200mm diameter.

What color is Delrin 150?

Delrin® Acetal Sheet Homopolymer Color, Delrin®150, Red, (0.031 in x 24 in x 48 in)

What color is Delrin AF?

dark brown
Delrin 13% AF Blend Acetal AF blend retains 90% of the strength that is inherent in unmodified Acetal. Some properties are changed due to the addition of the softer PTFE fiber. The natural color of Acetal AF blend is dark brown.

What color is natural acetal?

Acetal Copolymer Standard colors are natural and black. Natural color is FDA, USDA, NSF, Canada AG and 3A-Dairy compliant. Applications include bushings, rollers, and pulleys.

What type of plastic is acetal?

Acetal plastic, also called polyacetal and polyoxymethylene (POM), is a general purpose, semi-crystalline, engineered thermoplastic. Acetal is commonly used for parts that need to be very stiff, have low surface friction and good dimensional stability.

Is Delrin black?

Delrin ® is available in BLACK & NATURAL colors.

Can you bend Delrin?

Yes, Delrin can be heated and bent but you should be careful not to heat it too close to its melting point where it will turn into a liquid.

What Delrin white?

Delrin (150 NC010) White It is a crystalline plastic which uses a breakthrough in stabilization technology by offering an excellent balance of desirable properties that bridge the gap between metals and plastics. In many important mechanical and structural applications, Delrin will replace metals.

What Delrin 570?

DELRIN® 570 shapes are 20% glass filled materials intended for general industrial use. The material offers very high stiffness, low warpage, and low creep for superior part performance under stress.

What is white Delrin?

What is the difference between Delrin and Delrin AF?

Delrin® AF Blend retains approximately 90% of the mechanical strength and rigidity of Delrin®, but with improved bearing and sliding properties, and almost no ‘slip-stick’ characteristics. Other formulations available are Delrin® 100AF containing 20% Teflon fibers and provides even lower frictional properties.