What cleats did Derek Jeter wear?

What cleats did Derek Jeter wear?

Jeter wore the Lux Metal from Jordan in his final season. The cleats are available in black, same as Jeter’s.

How can I contact Derek Jeter?

Contact AthleteSpeakers today at 800-916-6008 to book Derek Jeter for a keynote speech, virtual meetings, corporate appearance, grand opening, product announcement, moderated Q&A or for an exclusive meet and greet.

What products does Derek Jeter endorse?

Jeter was the spokesman for several brands, including Nike, Gatorade, Visa, Gillette, Steiner Sports, Movado, Rawlings, 24-Hour Fitness and Avon. The shortstop was the focal point of one of the most memorable Nike commercials of all time when he retired.

What is Derek Jeter personality?

Among the many traits that combined to make Derek Jeter one of the most admired and adored baseball players of his generation, there was talent, drive and focus — and a good dose of stubbornness, too. Opposing pitchers felt it, even when they had great stuff.

What kind of shoes does Derek wear?

He is a well-known member of the Jordan Brand, and wore the flashy Jordan Team batting gloves. He also wore the 10th installment of his signature shoe, the Jordan Jeter Cut cleats. These are both available online.

What ethnicity is Derek Jeter?

Derek Sanderson Jeter was born on June 26, 1974, in Pequannock Township, New Jersey, the son of accountant Dorothy (née Connors) and substance abuse counselor Sanderson Charles Jeter. His mother is of English, German, and Irish ancestry, while his father is African-American.

How old is Derek Jeter now?

47 years (June 26, 1974)Derek Jeter / Age

What type of leader is Derek Jeter?

And he never made it about himself, even if others tried to make it about him. Derek Jeter’s track record of success speaks for itself. His body of work represents true Diamond Leadership in every way. He displayed Competence, Confidence, Commitment, Consistency and Concern at the highest level.