What candy is called jujube?

What candy is called jujube?

Juju candy is a firm, chewy confection that’s typically associated with old fashioned candy shops. Two of the most widely known juju treats are Jujubes ( Invented in 1920, Jujubes are colorful dots of fruit and floral flavors like lemon, lilac, and spearmint.

How do you make jujube?

Boil 2 cups of water, add a handful of jujubes into the water while boiling (about 4-5). Boil the jujubes in water for 15 minutes. Once finished, strain the water and pour into a cup. Don’t worry about adding honey or sugar – it will already be pretty sweet.

How do you soften chewy candy?

Heat the candy in 7 to 10-second intervals until it has just begun to soften. It is best to microwave just the amount of candy you wish to eat, as it may reharden. For gummy-type candies made with gelatin, submerging them in a bowl of warm water will rehydrate the candies.

What happened jujube candy?

Hershey’s bought the candy company in 1995 and took over the production of Jujubes. The original flavors were abandoned overtime for the classic cherry, lemon, lime, orange, and licorice collection.

What are the jujube flavors?

Each box of Jujubes contains a rainbow of colors and five classic flavors: Violet, Lilac, Lime, Wild Cherry, and Lemon. Jujubes have a delightfully dense, chewy texture that invites continuous chewing, so you can enjoy the flavors for a long time.

Is it OK to eat dried jujube?

The dried fruits can be eaten directly, but they’re also often cooked into soups and tea. Dried red dates can be used in place of raisins or palm date fruits in cakes and other desserts. Jujube fruits can also be roasted, smoked, soaked in liquor, candied, juiced, and made into jams and spreads.

Can you eat dried jujube?

How to eat jujubes. Jujube fruits are small and sweet. Dried, they have a chewy texture and taste similar to dates. When raw, these fruits have a sweet, apple-like flavor and can be eaten as a nutritious snack.