What can you do with a volca sample?

What can you do with a volca sample?

The volca sample is a sample sequencer that lets you edit and sequence up to 100 sample sounds in real time for powerful live performances. It’s a powerful addition to any existing volca setup, or simply on its own.

How long can a sample be on Korg volca sample?

65 seconds
The Volca Sample takes all its raw material from just 4MB of flash memory. You’re provided with 100 memory slots, or a maximum of 65 seconds to do with as you will.

How do I delete sounds on Volca sample?

To delete a sequence on your Korg Volca Beats, Bass, or Keys, make sure the sequence you want to delete is selected, hold down the FUNC button, and press step button 16 (the last one).

What is Vosyr?

vosyr – the free volca sample manager. With vosyr you can manage and organize samples and sequences and transfer it to the volca sample via its “SYNC-IN” input. Note: This user manual will show you how to use vosyr.

How many steps are in the volca sequencer?

16 step
The step sequencer is designed for ease of editing and to allow parts to be inserted or removed “on the fly.” Use the 16 step keys to enter notes intuitively while maintaining visual confirmation of the timing of the notes in a measure.

How many samples does volca sample have?

100 samples
The built-in memory can hold 100 samples, with a maximum capacity of 4MB and 65 seconds, effectively limiting the unit to short hits and one shots. There is one very notable omission though, in that the Volca sample features no built-in sampling capabilities of its own.

Is the volca sample stereo?

The Volca Sample is a stereo unit, but consider if you really need a stereo sample. Mono sounds can be panned later on, to produce a wider sound stage. For drum hits a mono sound should be more than sufficient… and this save you half the memory. Consider the sampling rate of 31,250 Hz.

How do I delete sounds on volca sample?

How do you save sample patterns Volca?

If you’ve programmed a sequence on your Volca Beats, Bass, or Keys and you want to save it, simply hold the FUNC and MEMORY buttons and press one of the first 8 step buttons to save your sequence. Keep in mind that this will overwrite any previously saved sequence.