What are tracking forms?

What are tracking forms?

Tracking forms are a flexible tool for tracking all kinds of information and transferring documents that used to be paper based into electronic records that can be searched, printed and shared electronically.

What is a tracking sheet?

A track sheet normally list the contents of each track (guitar, bass, vocal). But it may also contain notes on what mic was used, what preamp, processor settings, what instrument was played, and so on.

How can I make an online tracker?

Create a tracker

  1. Click PROJECT ADMIN from the Project Home menu.
  2. Click Tracker Settings.
  3. Click Create.
  4. On the Create Tracker page, provide a name and description for the tracker.
  5. Select an icon that suggests the type of work the tracker is handling.
  6. Select the relevant unit from the DISPLAY EFFORT IN field.

Can Google Forms be tracked?

The quick answer is no you can’t see or track back. The reason is that when you do not collect email addresses or require a name, then the Form is essentially an anonymous collector of data and there is no method for knowing who completed the Form.

Can Google sheet track location?

When you tap the button widget, the time and your current location will be saved to a Google Spreadsheet.

Does Google Forms have a tracker?

To track the form’s activity with Google Analytics, go to the Advanced section of your form. Head over to the Form tab. Enable the option called Insert Google Analytics code on the page. Provide your Google Analytics Profile ID in the box that shows up and your domain.

Can you track someone through Google Forms?

Tracing the details like IP address, geolocation, browsers, etc, of form respondents, can help you in eliminating the abusive responses that can ruin your important surveys. But, as you know Google Forms does not allow you to track the IP addresses of the respondent.

How do I see my analytics form?

View Form Submission Channels

  1. Once you’re logged into Google Analytics, select Acquisition > All Traffic > Channels.
  2. On the resulting table, select your form submission goal from the “Conversions” drop-down to drill-down into only your form submission data.

How do I monitor a Google Form?

View responses

  1. Open a form in Google Forms.
  2. At the top of the form, click Responses.
  3. Click Summary.