What are the values of life presented by Jesus?

What are the values of life presented by Jesus?

friendship, community, knowledge, happiness. Friendship and community were valuable to Jesus, for he had a deep friendship with Mary, Martha, and their brother Lazarus (John 11:5) and throughout most of his ministry he surrounded himself with a small community of friends, his disciples (John 15:15).

Why are values important in care?

Values are central to work in health and social care. They are principles that guide workers to understand right from wrong and are about what is important when caring and supporting individuals. Six values are now recognised as applying to health and social care workers.

Why does God want us to have relationships?

When God puts two people together (for marriage), He does it with the intention of using them to advance His Kingdom on the earth and to be an example of Christ and the church (Eph. This is why allowing God to do a work in you BEFORE getting into a relationship is so important.

What does the Bible say about personal relationships?

The Bible says: “God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life” (John 3:16). You can have an intimate relationship with God now, and be sure you will live with Him in heaven forever.

Why is it important to have a personal relationship with Jesus?

By having faith in, and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, it allows us to havethe proper relationship with our Heavenly Father. Our Heavenly Father loves us and desires that all his children return to live with him again. May we keep each other in our prayers and be true disciples of Jesus Christ.

How do I have a personal relationship with Jesus?

How to Have a Relationship with Jesus Christ

  1. Recognize Your Condition. In order to find the way to eternal life with God, you must admit you are stuck in sin.
  2. Religion and Good Works Are Not the Answer. World religions try to create their own ways to God.
  3. The Good News: Jesus Christ Provides the Way!
  4. Believe, Repent, and Receive Christ.

Why does God have three people?

It is rooted in the fact that God came to meet Christians in a threefold figure: (1) as Creator, Lord of the history of salvation, Father, and Judge, as revealed in the Old Testament; (2) as the Lord who, in the incarnated figure of Jesus Christ, lived among human beings and was present in their midst as the “ …

How did Jesus save us from sin?

He came to save us from sin by being that sacrifice for our sins. So if we don’t let Jesus take care of the sin problem, then first, we will die in our sins, which means eternal separation from God or hell. Secondly, we will miss out on eternal life, which means eternity with God in this wonderful place called heaven.