What are the different types of toilet seat fittings?

What are the different types of toilet seat fittings?

There are three types of toilet shapes commonly found in UK homes. These are the traditional pointed-nose, D-shape, and round-nose seats. Replacement toilet seats can usually be adjusted to fit older or non-standard toilets; however, the seat must be supported at the contact points or hinges.

Are all toilet seat fittings the same UK?

There is no universal standard for toilet or toilet seat sizes in the UK. However, certain patterns have developed. The following combinations of toilet seat lengths and widths are relatively popular: width 35 cm, length 40-41 cm.

Are toilet seat fixings universal?

Do all toilet seats fit the same? The simple answer is no, there are a range of different toilet seat fittings. Some are bottom fixing (fitted from beneath the fixing holes) and some are top fixing (usually required when there isn’t access to the bottom of the pan, e.g. with a fully shrouded toilet).

What is a back to wall toilet?

Back to wall toilets are floor standing toilet pans that require a concealed cistern. They are generally contemporary in shape and offer a modern design option. Especially for those not able to accommodate a wall hung pan and preferring a hidden cistern (concealed cistern).

How are toilet seats attached to the toilet pan?

Typically the toilet seat is fixed to the toilet pan by two long screws that go through the pan using the holes supplied by the manufacturer.

Do toilet seats have to be raised to fit?

To be effective, these seats cannot be raised and leant against the cistern with an angle over 110 degrees, therefore they may not fit in every location. There are speciality toilet seats to suit the back-to-the-wall pan, where access to the underneath of the pan is denied.

Where can I buy a toilet seat fixing kit?

If you need to get hold of a fixing kit, you can search Amazon for Toilet Seat Fixing kits here. The instructions for fitting are the same as if the seat were provided, except that you should attach the seat first. Don’t forget the loos seat itself – Of course you also need to buy your seat.