What airport was used in airport 75?

What airport was used in airport 75?

Salt Lake City International Airport
The film was shot on location at Salt Lake City International Airport. Aerials shots over Heber City, Utah and the Wasatch Mountains are included.

Was Airport 1975 based on a true story?

The only one of the four ‘Airport’ films not to depict any criminals, it was just a natural accident. Charlton Heston also plays Captain Al Haynes in the movie based on the true story, Crash Landing: The Rescue of Flight 232 (1992). Another air disaster movie in which his character lands a crippled DC-10 aircraft .

Who played the nun in airport 75?

Helen Reddy
From the ground, her boyfriend Alan Murdock (Charlton Heston), a retired test pilot, tries to talk her through piloting and landing the 747 aircraft. Worse yet, the anxious passengers — among which are a noisy nun (Helen Reddy) and a cranky man (Sid Caesar) — are aggravating the already tense atmosphere.

When was airport 75 released?

October 18, 1974Airport 1975 / Initial release

Who wrote Airport 75?

Don IngallsAirport 1975 / Screenplay

Where did they film Airport?

Minneapolis–Saint Paul International Airport
Production notes Most of the filming was at Minneapolis–Saint Paul International Airport. A display in the terminal, with stills from the field and the film, says: “Minnesota’s legendary winters attracted Hollywood here in 1969, when portions of the film Airport were shot in the terminal and on the field.

Who played the nun in airplane?

Maureen McGovern
Airplane! (1980) – Maureen McGovern as Nun – IMDb.

Where was airport 77 filmed?

More scenes were filmed at Burbank Airport – now Burbank Bob Hope Airport, 2627 North Hollywood Way, Burbank; Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), One World Way (again); and Dulles International Airport in Virginia.

Is Karen Black cross eyed?

Throughout her career, Black was noted for her distinctive eyes, which gave her a slightly “cross-eyed” appearance, although she stated in a 1982 interview that she had not been clinically diagnosed as such.

Was Charlton Heston in airplane?

Actor Charlton Heston — who died Saturday at 84 — called Siouxland home during the fall of 1991. He was here to play Al Haynes, pilot of the United Airlines Flight 232 airliner that crashed at the Sioux City airport in 1989.

Is airport 77 based on a true story?

Although the disaster portrayed in the film is fictional, rescue operations depicted in the movie are actual rescue operations utilized by the Navy in the event of similar emergencies or disasters, as indicated at the end of the film prior to the closing credits.

Was George Kennedy in the movie Airplane?

In 1970, he appeared in the Academy Award-winning disaster film Airport, in which he played one of its main characters, airline troubleshooter Joe Patroni. He reprised this role in Airport 1975, Airport ’77 and The Concorde Airport ’79, the only cast member to appear in each film of the series.