Were a10s used in Afghanistan?

Were a10s used in Afghanistan?

A-10 pilot gets Distinguished Flying Cross for Rip-It-fueled gun-run in Afghanistan. He used 37 radio frequencies to coordinate 21 aircraft, during a five hour battle — all while flying his own aircraft and providing close air support.

Do we still use a 10s?

According to Boeing, over 280 A-10 models remain in service with the USAF, Air Combat Command, Air Force Reserve, and the Air National Guard.

What is a strafing attack?

Strafing is the military practice of attacking ground targets from low-flying aircraft using aircraft-mounted automatic weapons.

How fast does a-10 fire?

3,900 rounds per minute
The cannon’s original design could be switched by the pilot to 2,100 or 4,200 rounds per minute; this was later changed to a fixed rate of 3,900 rounds per minute. The cannon takes about half a second to reach top speed, so 50 rounds are fired during the first second, 65 or 70 rounds per second thereafter.

Has the A-10 ever shot down an aircraft?

April 8, 2003 – An A-10A Thunderbolt II (Serial Number : 78-0691) was shot down over downtown Baghdad by an Iraqi Roland surface-to-air missile.

Is the f22 retired?

By January 2021, all aircraft had gone through the Structural Repair Program to add another 8,000 flight hours to their usable lifetimes. In the long term, the F-22 is expected to eventually be succeeded by a sixth-generation jet fighter from the Next Generation Air Dominance (NGAD) program’s fighter component.

Can you buy A-10 Warthog?

The US Air Force has closed the lid on discussions about shopping the A-10 Warthog to allies, telling Flightglobal it will not sell the close-in attack aircraft to anyone.

What is weapon strafe?

Strafe Gun (stylized as STRAFE® Gun) is a gun that fires nails that travel nearly instantaneously. Releasing the trigger detonates the nails, and they will also automatically detonate after a short period of time.

Is strafing a war crime?

Strafing of defenseless combatants in lifeboats was, and is, considered a war crime under international military law.

What is circle strafe?

Circle strafing is the technique of moving around an opponent in a circle while facing them. Circle strafing allows a player to fire continuously at an opponent while evading their attacks.