Was Max in the army Max and Paddy?

Was Max in the army Max and Paddy?

Max is the older and more level-headed of the two, roughly 40 years old, and usually pretending to have more life experience than he has actually had, including a stint in the army.

Where is Max and Paddy filmed?

“Look and learn, flower, look and learn…” Max & Paddy’s Road To Nowhere is Peter Kay’s latest series on Channel 4 and it appears that quite a bit of it was filmed in and around the Bolton area, as were his previous series “That Peter Kay Thing” and “Phoenix Nights”.

How can I watch Max and Paddy road to nowhere?

Watch Max and Paddy’s Road to Nowhere where you want, when you want, with the Reelgood mobile app.

What side was Max and Paddy on?

Max and Paddy’s Road to Nowhere is a British comedy television show on Channel 4 starring and written by Peter Kay and Paddy McGuinness. All the episodes were also directed by Kay. It is a spin-off of the popular series Phoenix Nights, also written by Peter Kay.

How does Peter Kay know Paddy McGuinness?

McGuinness was born on 14 August 1973 in Farnworth, Lancashire, to Irish parents from County Tipperary, and attended Mount St Joseph High School. It was from his school days in Farnworth that McGuinness formed his close relationship with Peter Kay.

Who played Pete in Max and Paddy?

Peter Kay
Birth name Peter John Kay
Born 2 July 1973 Bolton, Lancashire, England
Medium Film, stand-up, television
Alma mater University of Salford

How many episodes of Max and Paddy were there?

6Max and Paddy’s Road to Nowhere / Number of episodes

What year did Phoenix Nights start?


Phoenix Nights
Original release 14 January 2001 – 12 September 2002
Preceded by That Peter Kay Thing (2000)
Followed by Max and Paddy’s Road to Nowhere (2004)

Where can I watch Phoenix nights in the UK?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to stream Phoenix Nights in the UK right now, as the series isn’t available on any UK streaming services. If you want to watch the series, you will have to pick it up on DVD for now! If you want to go really retro there are even video tapes of it about!

Who is Paddy Mcguinness’s wife?

Christine MartinPaddy McGuinness / Wife (m. 2011)

How many episodes does Max and Paddy have?