Use your writing skills to be reach

Almost all of us were students, and all of us had classmates who asked somebody to write a course paper for him. About 30 % of all students prefer to order their works rather than write it by themselves. So it is easy to understand that you can earn in this way. In this article, we will find out who can earn on course writing and how much, and also we will speak about where you can find clients.

Who can earn

While you are a student you can develop your writing skill. It is necessary to know how to make a standing material quickly so that it is not rejected at the first reading. You also should pass a review and get around the anti-plagiarism program. So, if you want to earn good money on it you should have the copywriting skill and use different sources of information properly.

How much can you earn

Now let’s see how much money can be earned on writing graduate work and course workThe average price is 1,200 – 2,000 rubles. And the skilled person needs just 1 or 2 days to do this job. So one can earn about 750 rubles a day if he will have a constant stream of customers. Graduation work takes more time but one can earn around 10000 rubles for this. Freelance academic writing jobs can become a good alternative to an ordinary one,

How to search for clients

And of course one of the main points is where you can find clients. Well you can use First of all you can use your acquaintances and this is one of the high paid variants. But you should remember that in this case, the quality should be high too. And how is it work? Well, it is very simple. When someone has good work and gets the maximum score for it, others may have questions about whether he did it by himself or he has the work done. Then a person can recommend you and give your contacts to other students.

And the second way is using the Internet. Besides, it is the easiest one. You can find clients just turning on your laptop and connecting the Internet. There are some ways which you can choose:

  • freelance sites;
  • copywriting exchanges;
  • specialized sites;
  • ad sites;
  • agencies for writing course works and so on.

Let’s look at each of them. Freelance sites, assignments and the copywriting exchange are similar in their structure. They usually place orders for writing texts, including course works, reports, and rarely graduate works. There are very few orders and the payment is less than the average price, but the clients have no complaints about the quality.

Specialized sites are sites where you can earn money exclusively on writing reports, course works, graduate works, etc. A rather large number of users prefer such sites. As usual, the performer of work is detected according to a competitive basis. These sites have a clear disadvantage. It is the commission. Usually, the system gets about 50% of the cost of the work, and the author gets the other half.

Ad sites are a more interesting option, but it also won’t bring a lot of customers. You publish your ad on boards like Avito or any other public sites and wait for orders. If deadlines are on, students can even contact with authors.

Agencies for writing course works are a good way to work with fixed orders. It is easy to find agencies. You just need to drive into a “buy coursework” search engine and follow the first 10 links. There you should leave your resume, contacts, and perhaps you will be lucky. You will not work for the full cost, but for a percentage.

A personal brand is one of the best options if you want to find customers. You can create a group or a work page on a social network. You also can be added to groups of students where there are a lot of potential clients. So your page or your own group will be heard and maybe it will be well-known in future, and when someone needs help with writing his work you can be recommended for this. In this way, you don’t have to pay a percentage to anyone and the price will be higher than the price on freelance’s sites. But you should remember that the quality should be high too. As the quality is higher, the price is higher too.