Should I spare the Nilfgaardian?

Should I spare the Nilfgaardian?

Roche wants to spare him while Ves states they need to kill him. Ultimately it comes down to Geralt’s decision, so choose whichever path you wish. If you choose to kill him, Roche will finish him off despite being against it.

What quests are missable Witcher 3?

The Witcher 3 is a huge game, so naturally there are a lot of easily missable quests….

  • 21 Magic Lamp.
  • 22 Cabaret.
  • 23 On Death’s Bed.
  • 24 Honor Among Thieves.
  • 25 The Gangs of Novigrad.
  • 26 Beyond The Hill And Dale.
  • 27 Lord Of The Wood.
  • 28 X Marks The Spot.

Should I leave my swords?

Outside, you can elect to keep talking to the trolls or to fight them. You have to leave your swords behind if you want to avoid a fight, but it’s perfectly safe to do so. When you reach the site, light the four braziers around the edges and then place the Phylactery on the altar.

When should you do a matter of life and death Witcher 3?

If you don’t want uncompleted quests sitting in your log, it’s advisable to complete them before starting ‘A Matter of Life and Death’, so you don’t have to wait until much, much later in the game. Once you’ve completed them, initiate this quest to keep that quest log clear.

What happens if you don’t save ves?

Ves can die to the Nilfgaardians here, so try to get to here and kill the Nilfgaardian’s as fast as possible. The quest will fail if the player does not save Ves in time. There will be 7 Nilfgaardian soldiers in the way to Ves and 5 more that is fighting Ves. Choose to kill or spare the surviving soldier.

How do you seduce Triss?

How to Romance Triss Merigold in The Witcher 3

  1. Kiss her at the ball during Secondary Quest: A Matter of Life and Death.
  2. You agreed to help her with the mages during Secondary Quest: Now or Never.
  3. Tell her you love her and continue to be pleasant with her.

Can you redo failed quests in The Witcher 3?

Is it possible to replay it? No. You’ll need to load an earlier save.

Should I save Anisse Berthold?

Use Axii either way to convince them to come along with you to the Kingfisher Inn to meet the other mages. Your contact at the inn, Olivier will die if you choose to save Anisse and Berthold. Abandon Anisse & Berthold – Go straight to the Kingfisher inn and Olivier will be alive. Anisse and Berthold will die.

Should I kiss Triss at the fountain?

Yes, you can kiss Triss, and you will not spurn your chance at a relationship with Yennefer.

How do you seduce triss?