Is Udmurtia a country?

Is Udmurtia a country?

Udmurtia (Russian: Удму́ртия; Udmurt: Удмуртия), or the Udmurt Republic, is a federal subject of Russia (a republic) in Eastern Europe, within the Volga Federal District. Its capital is the city of Izhevsk….Udmurtia.

Udmurt Republic
• Body State Council
• Head Alexander Brechalov
• Total 42,100 km2 (16,300 sq mi)

What is the capital of Udmurtia?

Izhevsk (Russian: Иже́вск; Udmurt: Иж, Iž, or Ижкар, Ižkar) is the capital city of Udmurtia, Russia. It is situated along the Izh River, west of the Ural Mountains in Eastern Europe. Izhevsk is the nineteenth-largest city in Russia, and the most populous city in Udmurtia; with a population of over 600,000 inhabitants.

Where do the udmurts live?

Most Udmurt people live in Udmurtia. Small groups live in the neighboring areas of Kirov Oblast and Perm Krai of Russia, Bashkortostan, Tatarstan, and Mari El.

How many republics are in Russia?

According to its constitution, the Russian Federation is divided into 85 federal subjects, 22 of which are republics (Russian: республика, romanized: respublika; plural: республики, respubliki)….Republics of Russia.

Number 22
Populations Smallest: Altai, 206,195 Largest: Bashkortostan, 4,072,102

What language is Udmurt?

Permic language
Udmurt (Удмурт кыл, Udmurt kyl) is a Permic language spoken by the Udmurt people who are native to Udmurtia, where the language is co-official with Russian. It is written using the Cyrillic alphabet with the addition of five characters not used in the Russian alphabet: Ӝ/ӝ, Ӟ/ӟ, Ӥ/ӥ, Ӧ/ӧ, and Ӵ/ӵ.

Where do they speak Archi?

Archi is a Nakh-Daghestanian (North-East Caucasian) language of the Lezgic group. It is spoken by about 1200 people living in six settlements situated within walking distance of each other in the highlands of Daghestan in the Russian Federation.

What is Udmurtia known for?

Udmurts are especially renowned for their skill in woodworking and in weaving.

Who has the reddest hair?

The Udmurts are said to possess the reddest hair in the world. The Tatars and Bashkirs descend from the Golden Horde. The Mari worship animist spirits amid their sacred forest groves.

What region is Russia in?

Geography of Russia

Continent Europe and Asia
Region Eastern Europe (European Russia) Northern Asia (Siberia)
Coordinates 60.000°N 100.000°E
Area Ranked 1st
• Total 17,125,192 km2 (6,612,074 sq mi)

Which countries are controlled by Russia?


  • Occupied territories of Moldova. 1.1 Transnistria (1992–present)
  • Occupied territories of Georgia. 2.1 Abkhazia and South Ossetia (2008–present)
  • Occupied territories of Ukraine. 3.1 Crimea, Donetsk and Luhansk (2014–present) 3.2 Invasion of mainland Ukraine (2022–present)
  • Kuril Islands dispute.

How do you say hello in Udmurt?

If you would like to make any corrections or additions to this page, or if you can provide recordings, please contact me….Useful phrases in Udmurt.

Phrase удмурт кыл (Udmurt)
Good morning (Morning greeting) Ӟеч ӵукна (Dźeč ćukna)
Good afternoon (Afternoon greeting)