Is there talk radio in Europe?

Is there talk radio in Europe?

Talk Radio Europe broadcasts in FM on the Costa del Sol, Costa Almeria, Costa Blanca, and across the island of Mallorca in English. It is available on the Internet and all smartphone platforms.

Who owns talk radio Europe?

‘ The business was acquired by Van De Velde in 2012 and a new career in TV and Radio beckoned. QVC and other exciting tv appearances over the years have kept her busy, she was the afternoon presenter on Time 106 . 6 FM for 2 years and then headed into the world of Voiceovers.

Is there an app for talk radio?

To watch talkRADIO TV on your iPhone or Android smartphone, you will need to download the new talkRADIO TV app. The talkRADIO TV app is separate to the existing talkRADIO radio app and is designed to give you the best viewing experience.

Is talk radio on the Internet?

talkRADIO | Free Internet Radio | TuneIn.

Who owns the wireless group?

News UKWireless Group / Parent organization

What frequency is BBC World Service in Spain?

In southern Spain and Portugal, try North Africa frequencies 15485 kHz from 0700 to 1700 GMT and 15105 kHz from 1600 to 1800 GMT.

What has happened to talkRADIO?

In June 2020, Talkradio announced that it would be moving from DAB to DAB+.

Is talkRADIO on FM?

What frequency is talkRADIO on? In a world of multiplatform radio, with DAB, FM, HD Radio and radio online, there are many different ways to tune in, whether you want to listen in the car, on the bus or at home.

Can you watch talkRADIO on TV?

What is talkRADIO TV? An exciting new TV service bringing talkRADIO’s personalities and opinions to the screen. Made for smart TVs and featuring state-of-the-art news programming, now you can watch talkRADIO as well – and it’s free!

Who is the owner of Talk Radio?

Wireless Group
Based in London and owned by Wireless Group, a subsidiary of News Corp., it is the sister station of national stations Talksport (itself originally known as Talk Radio UK), Talksport 2, Virgin Radio UK and Times Radio.