Is there a US Army base in Italy?

Is there a US Army base in Italy?

The United States Armed Forces own and operate command posts all over the world, including several overseas in Europe and Asia. One such base is Caserma Ederle, also known as Camp Ederle, located in Vicenza, Italy.

Who is stationed at Camp Darby?

Since its establishment, Camp Darby has served successively as the 7656th Logistical Command, the 7617th U.S. Forces Austria Support Command, USA Logistical Command, 8th Support Group, Area Support Team – Livorno, the United States Army Garrison Livorno and currently USAG Italy, Darby Military Community.

Is Camp Darby still open?

Camp Darby has been a permanent U.S. Army facility since 1952.

Where are U.S. Air Force bases in Italy?

Aviano Air Base
Near Aviano, Friuli-Venezia Giulia in Italy
A US Air Force F-16 Fighting Falcon of the 31st Fighter Wing based at Aviano
Aviano Shown in Italy
Coordinates 46°01′53″N 012°35′49″ECoordinates: 46°01′53″N 012°35′49″E

How many U.S. soldiers are stationed in Italy?


Jurisdiction Total USAF
Italy 12,436 4,742
United Kingdom 9,576 9,074
Spain 3,234 383
Belgium 1,143 386

Why does U.S. have troops in Italy?

Our bases in Italy are making it easier to pursue new wars and military interventions in conflicts about which we know little, from Africa to the Middle East.

Is Camp Darby an army base?

Camp Darby is a United States Army Base located in western Italy near the metropolitan areas of Livorno and Pisa. Established in 1952, the base owes its namesake to United States Army Brigadier General William O. Darby, who was killed in action in Italy on April 23, 1945.

What units are at Camp Darby?

Camp Darby is home to the Darby Military Community, the 405th Army Field Support Battalion- Africa, 839th Transportation Battalion, and 731st Munitions Squadron. During the late 1980s and early 1990s, the 7th Medical Command had its United States Army Europe (USAREUR) Contingency Hospital warehoused here.

In what city is Camp Darby located?

Camp Darby is a small, remote installation located in the Tuscan region of central Italy situated between the cities of Livorno and Pisa. It is a 10-minute drive from Pisa, home of the famous Leaning Tower.

How many army bases are in Italy?

There is a small number of US military bases in Italy, but each installation plays an essential role both for the United States and for US allies. Italy currently has 1 Air Force Base, 3 Army Bases, and 2 Navy Bases.

How many U.S. troops are in Italy?

How many U.S. troops are in Italy 2021?

By September 2021, U.S. troop numbers had fallen to 35,457 in Germany, 9,563 in the United Kingdom, 12,434 in Italy and 429 in Greece. While the size of U.S. deployments to Europe have declined dramatically since their Cold War heights, they are still very large relative to most other U.S. deployments.