Is there a monastery in Waterdeep?

Is there a monastery in Waterdeep?

Organization. The order was widespread but their largest monastery was the Monastery of the Sun in Waterdeep. It was set up there because of its proximity to temples of Lathander, Selûne and Sune.

Where are the Waterdeep temples?

The largest temples in the city were dedicated to Oghma, Tyr, Tempus, Gond, Selûne, Mystra, Silvanus and Mielikki, Lathander, Sune, Tymora, along with and a temple dedicated to Baravar Cloakshadow located within the Warrens beneath Waterdeep,.

Where is the temple of Gond in Waterdeep?

The House of Inspired Hands looks like a cross between a temple and a workshop. The symbol of Gond, a toothed cog with four spokes, is displayed prominently. The House of Inspired Hands is Waterdeep’s temple of Gond. It sits on the corner of Seawatch Street and Shark street in the Sea Ward.

What is Waterdeep known for?

Waterdeep Harbor It is known all over the world as the safest of harbors, with the finest repair facilities for ships across Faerûn and with everything a merchant captain needs—from storehouses and marketplaces to myriad inns, festhalls, and taverns for the entertainment of the crew.

Are DND monks religious?

Official 5e descriptions of monks don’t mention religion; they are portrayed as scholars seeking personal perfection through meditation and training. Like D&D clerics, monks don’t need a religion – they just need to pursue physical or spiritual discipline that unlocks their ki.

What churches are in waterdeep?

Waterdeep Temples

  • Chapel and Chalice of the Divine Right: Shrine to Siamorphe.
  • House of Inspired Hands: Temple to Gond.
  • Tower of Luck: Temple to Tymora.
  • The House of Wonder: Temple to Mystra.
  • Shrines of Nature: Shrines to Mielikki and Silvanus.
  • House of Heroes: Temple to Tempus.
  • House of the Moon: Temple to Selûne.

Where do rich people live in Waterdeep?

Sea Ward. By its nature a seeming oxymoron or perhaps contradiction, the Sea Ward is home to the wealthiest of people of Waterdeep, despite its proximity to the sea (and the smell of fish) and the presence of a large arena in its midst, the Field of Triumph.

Is Waterdeep on the Sword Coast?

The metropolises of Waterdeep and Baldur’s Gate are not counted as part of the Sword Coast, instead Baldur’s Gate lies in the Western Heartlands, while Waterdeep is an independent city-state.

What is Gond called in English?

Glue is a sticky substance used for joining things together.

What is Gond edible gum?

Gond is an “edible gum” a resin that is extracted from the bark of the axle-wood tree. It is available in crystal form as pearly yellowish translucent pieces of varying sizes especially meant for eating after being cooked..

What are people from Waterdeep called?

First lesson: a person who lives in Waterdeep is called a Waterdhavian.

Do monks have deities?

The gods most commonly worshiped by monks tended to be champions of virtue like Bahamut, deities of battle such as Tempus, or those who required of their followers a disciplined lifestyle.