Is there a dub for terror in resonance?

Is there a dub for terror in resonance?

FUNimation Entertainment announced the main English dub cast for Terror in Resonance on Tuesday. The cast, under ADR Director Christopher Bevins and script writer Jamie Marchi , includes: Christopher Bevins as Nine.

Does Netflix have terror in resonance?

Watch Terror in Resonance | Netflix.

Will there be a terror in resonance Season 2?

There won’t be a new Terror in Resonance Season 2 on Netflix for some time. Considering the first season took over a year and a half to produce, we could have to wait until 2022 for the sequel.

Is zankyou no terror anime finished?

The anime was created and directed by Shinichirō Watanabe, with character designs by Kazuto Nakazawa and music by Yoko Kanno. The anime began airing on Fuji TV’s Noitamina block on July 10, 2014, and its final episode aired on September 25, 2014.

What was nine and twelve goal?

History. When they were younger, Nine and Twelve were part of a project called The Athena Plan whose goal was to educate gifted children. It is heavily implied that a fire broke out at the institution, but it is revealed in episode 9 that he and Nine started it.

How old is nine terror in resonance?

Nine was one of the two former protagonist of the story. He is a calm and composed teenager, is one out of the two the masterminds behind Sphinx, an unknown terrorist group that he partners with his childhood friend, Twelve….

Kanji ナイン / 九重 新
Also known as Arata Kokonoe, Sphinx #1
Age 17
Status Deceased

Who is five terror resonance?

Five is a government operative and a nuclear scientist affiliated with NEST, an organization within the United States FBI. She travels to Japan to assist in investigations regarding the terrorist attack.

What was Sphinx goal Terror in Resonance?

Sphinx’s goal is to teach the world how evil and corrupt a Government is by launching a program that deemed fatal to the twenty-three test subjects. Also greatly shortened the life of Nine and Five, however not Twelve.

What anime is twelve from?

Twelve | Zankyou no Terror Wiki | Fandom.