Is the Shadow Temple scary?

Is the Shadow Temple scary?

Everything from the VERY ominous music to the torture devices scattered around to the gruesome WTF enemies, this dungeon was just meant to be horrifying. But fast forward several years later, and at the ripe age of 24 the Shadow Temple is still one of the most horrifying areas of any game I’ve ever played.

Is the Shadow Temple hard?

The Shadow Temple was definitely easier than the Forest and Water Temples, but only slightly harder than the Fire Temple in my opinion.

Can you skip the Shadow Temple?

Block Skip Nearly the entire main section of the temple can be skipped using this trick. In the spinning scythe room there is a hole that leads down near the boat. Normally you would come from the other side and move the block and this would open up a shortcut straight to the boat.

Is the Shadow Temple optional?

Without being able to do either, the Shadow Temple cannot be finished. A little used strategy in the Shadow Temple is when Link comes across the active fans in a corridor, the Iron Boots can be used to resist their push.

Can you beat Shadow Temple without lens of truth?

Yes, it just makes sense to do the well first, get the Lens of Truth, and then you’re free to choose which of the two temples you want to do. The poe’s shadow is visible without the Lens of Truth. Some speedrunners skip it entirely, since it’s not actually required for anything in the game.

What is the lens of truth?

The Lens of Truth allows Link to see things that are not normally visible to the naked eye. It can show fake walls and floors, and invisible objects and enemies. It drains the Magic Meter when used. The Lens can also be used to see the contents of Treasure Chests in the Treasure Chest Game.

Where is the boss key in the Shadow Temple?

Getting the Boss Key The south room contains a Small Key that appears when you kill all the invisible enemies. The west room contains a lot of rupees after you blow the three pots up, as well as a Gold Skulltula. The room to the north contains the Boss Key after you use Din’s Fire to burn the wooden spiked walls.

Can you beat spirit temple before Shadow Temple?

The Spirit Temple, though generally considered the denouement to Ganon’s Castle, can be completed before the Shadow Temple.

Do you need the Lens of truth?

All the Lens of Truth does is show the illusions that are in the game. Even without the Lens the hidden doors and paths and all that stuff is still there, you just don’t see it.