Is the Bahamas hot in January?

Is the Bahamas hot in January?

Although January’s weather is the year’s coolest for Nassau, The Bahamas, the island city still enjoys comfortably warm temperatures. January is also Nassau’s least rainy month….Temperature.

78 °F January average high 26 °C
63 °F January average low 17 °C

Can you sunbathe in Gran Canaria in January?

The temperatures during the day in January are between 20°C and 23°C, which means that when the sun is out you can sunbathe comfortably and work on your tan.

What is the best month to visit the Bahamas?

The best time to visit the Bahamas is from mid-December to mid-April, the country’s peak season. Though temperatures here are great year-round (they rarely dip below 60 degrees), the islands fall within the hurricane belt, so hurricanes may be a factor between June 1 and Nov. 30 (the Atlantic hurricane season).

What should I pack for a cruise to the Bahamas in January?


  • 10 Must Packing items for a Cruise: Travel Documents. Luggage. Credit Cards and Cash. Electronics. Comfy Shoes. Swim Wear. Beach Bag. Toiletry & Medication Bag. Ziploc Bags. Sea-Bands or Dramamine.
  • Travel Documents.
  • Luggage.
  • Credit Cards and Cash.
  • Electronics.
  • Comfy Shoes.
  • Swim Wear.
  • Beach Bag.

What is the average temperature in Half Moon Cay in January?

Being part of the Bahamas, Half Moon Cay tends to enjoy hot weather. Although January is a winter month, the average high temperature is 25°C (78°F) and the average low is 17°C (63°F), which is not only the coldest time of year but also makes it perfectly warm enough to be out enjoying the area.

Is Gran Canaria good in January?

January’s one of the wettest months of the year, but there’s still not much rain. Gran Canaria’s nice and warm in January, with an average high temperature of 21ºC, although you’ll want to bring some warmer clothes for the evenings as it can get a bit cool.

Which is the hottest Canary Island in January?

Tenerife is the hottest island in the Canary Islands archipelago in January and our recommended destination for the month. The warmest resorts in January are Los Cristianos, Playa de Las Americas, Costa Adeje and Puerto de Santiago.