Is Sandvine a good company to work for?

Is Sandvine a good company to work for?

Excellent place to work, with a great culture Sandvine has a great culture and their motto is “work hard, play hard”. They regularly hold team building events and overall it’s a great place to work full of great people.

How is it to work at Sandvine?

Good Working environment with super culture. Pressure is high on Job. Lots of learning. Opportunity to work with different kind of people.

Why do you want to work in sandvine?

Sandvine inspires passionate people who love what they do. When you join Sandvine, you are joining an established global company with the nimbleness of a start-up that is committed to constantly creating new and better ways to exceed our customers’ expectations.

How is sandvine company Quora?

Sandvine work environment is highly stressful and is more or less toxic with unhealthy office politics. It is very difficult to succeed in Sandvine even if you perform well. Your pay and promotion is not dependent on performance but on the relationship with your manager in Waterloo office.

Is sandvine good company Quora?

Overall the company facilities and policies are good. Bonus for twice in a year, free food , some goodies for every few months, work culture(technical) is awesome.

Is sandvine a Canadian company?

Sandvine Incorporated is an application and network intelligence company based in Waterloo, Ontario.

How is Sandvine company Quora?

Who bought Sandvine?

PNI Canada Acquireco Corp., an affiliate of Francisco Partners, acquired all of Sandvine’s common shares for $4.40 each in a deal that valued the Waterloo-based provider of internet network management equipment at about $562 million. Sandvine now is a wholly-owned subsidiary of PNI.

How long did it take you to get an interview at Sandvine?

An online exam was organized on a Saturday, few days after I applied on LinkedIn, Selected, Next rounds are as follow A technical interview with the director of the department I was applying for An HR Discussion with the HR And Selected I applied online. The process took 3 weeks. I interviewed at Sandvine (Bangalore) in May 2021

What’s it like to work at Sandvine?

…smartest people, good management, good benefits and compensation, remote work if needed, great company culture, many company events, free beer, drinks (pop, coffee, tea etc..), Whisky bar, good management, challenging and interesting technology stack, always something new to learn…. Work at Sandvine? Share Your Experiences

Do You Remember Sandvine as a DPI company?

Over the last few years, Sandvine has evolved into a network analytics company and solving many complex customer problems with active network intelligence. But, some still remember Sandvine as DPI company Thank you for your review and positive words about our platform and our leadership team.

Will changes to my Sandvine profile be saved?

Changes wont be saved until you sign up for an Enhanced Profile subscription. Sandvine is a network intelligence company that uses automation to enable operators to deliver a high quality experience to their subscribers. We automate networks based on unique network analytics and machine learning using Active Network Intelligence solutions.