Is Peyton Place real?

Is Peyton Place real?

The fictional Peyton Place also appears to be a composite of several real New Hampshire towns: Metalious’ hometown of Gilmanton, as well as Gilford, Laconia, Manchester and Plymouth, where at least some of the work was written at the Plymouth Inn on Main Street (the inn has been torn down).

What does the phrase Peyton Place mean?

People sometimes say that a situation is like Peyton Place when they mean that a group of people have many secrets and complicated emotional relationships.

What was Peyton Place based on?

The Selena Cross character (played by Hope Lange) in “Peyton Place” is based on the true story of 20-year-old Barbara Roberts who, in 1947, shot and killed her father and buried his body in the sheep pen. She pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and was sentenced to 30 years in prison.

Where was Peyton Place filmed?

In 1957, 20th Century Fox chose Camden as the location for the filming of Peyton Place, the movie version of the controversial novel by Grace Metalious that portrayed life in a small New England town. The actual filming of Peyton Place started in June, 1957 with hundreds of extras from the area hired for $10 a day.

How many copies did Peyton Place sell?

“Peyton Place” was published in 1956. It sold 300,000 hardcover copies and more than 8 million in paperback, clinging to the best‐seller list for more than a year. Mrs. Metalious received $125,000 for the film rights.

Who is the author of Peyton Place?

Grace MetaliousPeyton Place / AuthorGrace Metalious was an American author known for her controversial novel Peyton Place, one of the best-selling works in publishing history. Wikipedia

What was the movie Peyton Place about?

In this adaptation of Grace Metalious’ popular novel, steamy goings-on abound in the small, prim New England community of Peyton Place. Newcomer Michael Rossi (Lee Philips) arrives in town on the eve of World War II and is soon involved with gorgeous but prudish shop owner Constance MacKenzie (Lana Turner), who keeps some secrets from her daughter, Allison. Amidst engagements and school graduations, Michael discovers seething, dark undercurrents that include rape, suicide — and murder.Peyton Place / Film synopsis

Was Peyton Place a banned book?

Although Peyton Place had earned its reputation as a “bad” and “dirty” banned book that mothers hid under their mattresses the minute it was published (several states and the entirety of Canada banned the book altogether, declaring it indecent, and one library in Beverly Farms, Massachusetts, posted a sign on their …

Why was the book Peyton Place banned?

Metalious’ novel was banned in several cities, declared “indecent” by Canada and labeled by New Hampshire’s Manchester Union-Leader as symbolic of a “complete debasement of taste.” A sign in front of a library in Beverly Farms, Mass., read: “This library does not carry `Peyton Place.

Who wrote the novel Peyton Place?

Grace MetaliousPeyton Place / Author

Who hung himself in Peyton Place?

Swain, so sickened by the recitation of Lucas, forced Lucas to sign a confession and then ordered him to leave Peyton Place and never come back, which he did. Upon discovery of Lucas’ crime, Nellie committed suicide by hanging herself in Allison’s bedroom closet.