Is NI Multisim free for students?

Is NI Multisim free for students?

With a database of over 30,000 community circuits, you can immediately turn inspiration into simulation. Try it now for free!

How do I activate NI Multisim?

How do I activate my software?

  1. Launch the product and choose to activate your software from the list of options presented.
  2. Launch NI License Manager by selecting Start»All Programs»National Instruments»NI License Manager or from NI Launcher in Windows 8. Click the Activate button in the toolbar.

Is there a free version of Multisim?

Multisim Live Free contains all of the features needed to design, simulate, and share basic circuits; however, Multisim Live Premium features unlimited components, additional simulation types, and advanced manufacturer components for those used to using Multisim (for desktop).

How can a student get Multisim?

The student must purchase the software online through one of our distributors like Studica. Students can also download an evaluation version of the NI Circuit Design Suite Education Edition (which includes all features from the Student Edition) from our website.

How much does Multisim cost for students?

$60 is a bargain price for this software. The parts library has enough different parts, that most any electronic circuit can be simulated.

How long is free trial for Multisim?

a 7 days
It gives you a 7 days trial period and asks if you want to extend. It should be extended and start Multisim ready for use.

What is serial number in Multisim?

If you have individual seats of Multisim Education Edition, your serial number will be located on the DVD sleeve which was shipped to you.

Is Multisim a subscription?

Researchers and designers use Multisim to reduce PCB prototype iterations and save development costs by adding powerful circuit simulation and analyses to the design flow. This Subscription will automatically renew at the end of its Term at then-current prices.

How can I extend my Multisim to 45 days?

The 45-day extension is free. When you install the evaluation version it automatically gives you 7 days to evaluate. This can be extended to 45 days by entering your user profile information.

How expensive is Multisim?


Price Sign Up for Free $9.99/month $99.99/year
Access Free Premium can also be activated with a serial number if you have an active software support contract from an Academic Site License or a purchased desktop version.
Create Circuits
SPICE Simulation

Is Multisim an industry standard?

Multisim™ is industry-standard SPICE simulation and circuit design software for analog, digital, and power electronics in education and research.