Is musicMagpie trustworthy?

Is musicMagpie trustworthy?

musicMagpie Customer Reviews. musicMagpie is the UK’s most trusted mobile recycling service, with a 5 star rating on Trustpilot and a 95% rating on Feefo. That’s based on over 100,000 verified reviews from happy customers who’ve used our service to turn their Mobile Phones, Tech, CDs, DVDs, Games & Books into cash!

Does musicMagpie send you a box?

We don’t supply boxes or packaging, so you’ll have to source a box to send us your order – any box will do!

Where is musicMagpie located?

A quick and easy service that buys and sells a whole range of items including CDs, DVDs and games located in Stockport. MusicMagpie is a global ecommerce phenomenon. They recently relocated to the new office building at Stockport Exchange.

Does musicMagpie accept scratched CDs?

If the cover and / or sleeve notes OR the disk are irretrievably damaged and cannot be refurbished e.g. the disk is cracked or very badly scratched or the cover and / or sleeve notes are water damaged, ripped or torn. If the cover, the disc artwork and/or the sleeve notes are defaced in any way.

Do musicMagpie return rejected items?

If an individual Media item is rejected and was valued at £15 or more, we’ll return the item back to you free of charge. Any rejected Media items valued less than £15 will be recycled responsibly.

Does Amazon own musicMagpie?

‘We’re the world’s largest seller on Amazon and eBay:’ musicMagpie CEO. ‘We’re the world’s largest seller on Amazon and eBay,’ is how musicMagpie’s CEO summarises the success of the business.

How fast does musicMagpie pay?

When you place an order with musicMagpie from now on, we’ll issue payment on the same day we receive your stuff. If you choose to get paid by bank transfer, your cash will clear in your account on the next working day.

Who Pays More Than musicMagpie?

So CEX will pay more cash than musicMagpie and Ziffit for the same 15 DVDs, offering a total of £40.52.

Is musicMagpie part of Amazon?

What checks do musicMagpie do?

What is Magpie Certified Refurbished Tech? At musicMagpie our quality checks, refurbishment process and testing are second to none. Each device undergoes extensive in-house refurbishment with up to 90 checks performed on some items to ensure the tech you buy is of fantastic quality at a fraction of the original price.