Is MSc economics at LSE good?

Is MSc economics at LSE good?

LSE MSc EME is known as one of the best econ masters program in the world with the curriculum covering First and Second year Phd economics topics . There is also an option to proceed to PhD in Economics at LSE itself if you get a distinction (though funding is not guaranteed).

What masters programs does LSE offer?

General management and leadership

  • Global Master’s in Management.
  • Master’s in Management.
  • MSc Marketing.
  • MSc Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship.
  • MSc Human Resources and Organisations.
  • MSc Management of Information Systems and Digital Innovation.
  • MSc Management and Strategy.
  • MSc Economics and Management.

How do I get into LSE economics masters?

To be considered for admission to a taught master’s programme (first-class equivalent), we would normally require a bachelor’s degree awarded after a minimum of three years of study with a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 3.5/4, 5.5/7, 6.5/8, 7.5/9 or 8/10.

Is MSC economics at LSE hard?

First thing, the course is very TOUGH. Do not be under any disillusion that you can simply cram the course at the end or that you are still at an undergraduate level.

How difficult is it to get into LSE Masters?

The Acceptance rate at LSE for graduate programs is higher than LSE Acceptance rate for the undergraduate program. The LSE masters acceptance rate for graduate programs is 25%. Looking at the acceptance rate, it can be inferred that admission to LSE for any course is highly competitive.

How long is a masters in economics?

about two years
It usually takes students about two years to earn a master’s degree in economics. However, some programs may offer an accelerated format, using shorter sessions throughout the year; this can help you graduate sooner.

Is MSc worth it at LSE?

I’m an LSE graduate (MSc in Statistics, 2009). It was easily worth it for me. It was a challenging course, but we had excellent teachers, a strong and helpful class, plenty of support. I grew quite a bit as both a student and as a person over the year.