Is Moriah Peters still married?

Is Moriah Peters still married?

Personal life. Peters is of Mexican-French heritage. Peters married Joel Smallbone, from the band for King & Country, on July 7, 2013. They now reside in Nashville, Tennessee together.

Who is Moriah Peters married to?

Joel SmallboneMoriah Peters / Spouse (m. 2013)Joel David Smallbone is an Australian singer and actor. He is a member of the Christian pop duo for King & Country along with his brother Luke Smallbone. He played the role of James Stevens in the 2016 film Priceless. Wikipedia

When did Moriah Peters get married?

July 7, 2013 (Joel Smallbone)Moriah Peters / Wedding date

How long have Joel and Moriah been married?

For King & Country’s Joel Smallbone Married Moriah Peters On July 7 [Photo] Joel SmallBone, of for King & Country, and his fellow Christian musician, Moriah Peters, were married in California yesterday, July 7. The couple has been together for over three years now and became officially engaged in the past few months.

What nationality is Moriah Smallbone?

AmericanMoriah Peters / Nationality

Moriah Peters Smallbone is a Mexican-American recording artist, actress, and academic. Her sophomore album, BRAVE, hit number nine on Billboard’s Christian Music Charts, and she has toured with acts such as MercyMe and Tenth Avenue North.

How old is Moriah Smallbone?

29 years (October 2, 1992)Moriah Peters / Age

Who is for king and country married to?

Moriah Peters
He went into remission in 2015. He and his wife also nearly lost their two-month-old son to sudden infant death syndrome in 2018; he has since made a full recovery after skull reconstruction surgery. On 7 July 2013, Joel married Moriah Peters, who is also a recording artist, in California.

Is Moriah Elizabeth Latina?

Her father is Peruvian/Italian while her mother is Caucasian. She studied graphic designing in school. Elizabeth got married when she was 19. Her husband often appears with her in her social media posts.

Are for King and country married?

On 7 July 2013, Joel married Moriah Peters, who is also a recording artist, in California. They now reside in Nashville, Tennessee.

Who is king and country sister?

Rebecca St. James
Oldest sister Rebecca Smallbone changed her name professionally to Rebecca St. James and became one of the genre’s best-known female artists. Brothers Joel and Luke formed what is now Christian pop rock duo For King & Country in 2011, and now the Dove Award-winners are following in her footsteps.

Who died in King and country?

Luke Smallbone went from 185 pounds to 125 pounds because of a digestive disorder. His cellphone chirped and a text popped up while he was in his resort hotel room. Within seconds, his spirit crashed.

Is Moriah Elizabeth Rich?

Moriah Elizabeth net worth: Moriah Elizabeth is an American YouTube personality who has a net worth of $500 thousand. She is best known for her self-titled YouTube channel.