Is Makena Beach worth visiting?

Is Makena Beach worth visiting?

Makena Beach State Park is one of those places that every first-time Hawaii visitor should experience. With beautiful beaches, a dormant volcano, and plenty of fun to be had, this is a great place to spend a day with the family.

What city is Makena Cove in Maui?

Makena Cove, 6925 Makena Rd, Maui – Google My Maps. Makena Cove, AKA Secret Beach, Secret Cove, is one of the top beach wedding locations on Maui, Hawaii. Makena Cove, AKA Secret Beach, Secret Cove, is one of the top beach wedding locations on Maui, Hawaii.

What island is Wailea Makena on?

Known for its five beautiful, crescent-shaped beaches and stellar golf courses, Wailea is a luxurious resort community in South Maui that spans 1,500 acres of land with staggering ocean views. The area exudes a sense of privacy, serenity and freedom spread across an area three times the size of Waikiki.

Is Makena a city?

Makena is a census-designated place (CDP) in Maui County, Hawaiʻi, United States. As of the 2010 census, it had a population of 99. Prior to 2010, the area was part of the Wailea-Makena census-designated place.

What is Makena Beach known for?

The beach is a mere 660 feet long, making it appear crowded at times, but what this secluded shoreline is best known for is being one of the few places in Hawaii where nude sunbathing is tolerated by the police.

Is Big Beach the same as Makena Beach?

Oneloa Beach in South Maui is more commonly known as Makena Beach or Big Beach, Maui. This incredible stretch of white sand is over 2/3 of a mile long, and is more than 100 yards wide! It’s no wonder the locals refer to this beach as “Big Beach”!

What does Makena mean in Hawaiian?

Makena is a Hawaiian place name. It’s a region located on the southwestern side of the island of Maui and is derived from the Hawaiian word “mak’ke” meaning “many gathered”.

Where is the secret beach in Maui?

Paako Cove, also known as Secret Beach in Makena, is one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Hawaii. In fact, it is seldom visited, but the most popularly photographed beach in all of Hawaii. When exploring the South Side of Maui, travel towards Makena Beach and park at the 3rd (last) entrance.

What island of Hawaii is Makena Beach?

Makena Beach State Park is one of Maui’s signature beaches. With white sands extending nearly 2/3 of a mile long, it is one of the largest, undeveloped beaches in Maui.

What city is Makena Beach in?

Located in south Maui, only minutes from Wailea and Kihei, Big Beach Makena is our #1 pick for best beach in Maui, Hawaii.

Are Makena Beach and Big Beach the same?

Are there showers at Makena Beach?

There are no shower facilities here.