Is Korg M3 good?

Is Korg M3 good?

A Beast for Composition and Music Expression And if that’s important to you, then do check out the Motif XF or Kronos, but the Korg M3 Xpanded is perhaps the best music composition workstation on the market in terms of features, price, stability, and interactivity with a computer DAW.

What replaced Korg M3?

Korg M50
In 2008, Korg unveiled a new, stripped-down version of the M3: the Korg M50.

What year did the Korg M3 come out?

The Korg M3 was released in 2007 and heralded by Korg as their third generation workstation.

What is Korg flagship keyboard?

Korg has today unleashed the Nautilus performance synthesizer and workstation, which harnesses the power of its flagship Kronos system, but is presented in a more streamlined packaged designed for musicians, songwriters and producers.

When did the Korg M50 come out?

The Korg M50 Workstation is released in 2008, making many think M1 and who gets the synthesis engine of the M3 without KARMA.