Is Kerry Park worth visiting?

Is Kerry Park worth visiting?

Without question, Kerry Park offers the best views of Seattle in the entire city. Thus, whether it is your first date or your 75th wedding anniversary, Kerry Park is a must visit.

Is Kerry Park free?

Located at the top of Queen Anne Hill, Kerry Park is a favorite destination for photography. On any given day you’ll find tourists and locals relaxing in the park and enjoying the beautiful view. The park is located in the Queen Anne neighborhood so there is free parking along the streets.

How big is Kerry Park?

1.26 acres
The park encompasses 1.26 acres (0.51 ha) and includes a railing and several benches facing south towards the skyline….Kerry Park (Seattle)

Kerry Park
Location Seattle, Washington
Coordinates 47°37′46″N 122°21′36″WCoordinates: 47°37′46″N 122°21′36″W
Area 1.26 acres (0.51 ha)
Created 1927

Are dogs allowed at Kerry Park?

The park is the size of a postage stamp right next to the curb. It’s just an observation parklet with benches. Leashed dogs are everywhere in seattle so taking your pet will not be out of the ordinary.

Is Lake Union freshwater?

Thus, Lake Union is mostly fresh water — a boon to its use as a mooring basin for ships. Even so, the lake occasionally is infiltrated by a sub-layer of saltwater, which creeps in via the locks and, being heavier than fresh water, lurks near the bottom.

Can you see Mt Rainier from West Seattle?

Seattle summers are beautiful. The skies are clear, the sun is hot, and the temperature usually doesn’t get much above 80 degrees F on most days. From June through September, you’ll be able to see Mt. Rainier from Seattle more often than not.

Are dogs allowed in Kerry Park?

What the park that overlooks Space Needle?

1. Alki Beach Park. This long beach strip that runs from Alki Point to Duwamish Head on Elliott Bay provides a full view of Seattle Downtown as well as the Needle.

Are dogs allowed at Magnuson park?

Magnuson Park Off-Leash Area. The Magnuson off-leash area contains 8.6 acres. It is a place where city hounds can romp with buddies in Seattle’s biggest fully-fenced back yard for canines. This off-leash area is the only one inside city limits with water access (Lake Washington’s freshwater shoreline).

Is the Space Needle pet friendly?

Find the best places to have fun in Seattle with your dog even if you are only visiting for the weekend. Even better yet, dogs are allowed on the bus, seaplanes, and boats throughout Seattle! From city adventures to nature, the Space Needle City will welcome your dog with open arms.